Footballcoin Launches New Version Of Its Fantasy Game With Collectable NFTs and XFC Prizes

Footballcoin Launches New Version Of Its Fantasy Game With Collectable NFTs and XFC Prizes

Footballcoin announced it had launched a new version for its fantasy football game for EURO 2020.

According to the announcement, this new version comes with an exciting price increase for all daily content and an additional 100000 XFC price for the top managers in the game.

The new Euro 2020 Fantasy is a free-to-play game. The game comes with NFT player cards that can be bought on the platform for as little as $12. Notably, owners of these NFT cards can sell them, buy more, or even loan to tother within the market. All fantasy cards are registered and visible on the blockchain allowing FootballCoin NFTs a real utility to earn more XFC coins.

To participate in the game, players are required to register on the platform. FootballCoin allows users to become ‘managers’ as they continue to build their sports card collection. These users can use their cards to participate in the daily competitions. The Footbalcoin website reads in part:

“FootballCoin is actively rewarding fantasy football expertise. Register your team for Euro 2020, show us just how great you are as a manager, and we will reward you.”


These prizes are given through the platform’s native token, the XFC coin. Users can choose to keep the coins or exchange them for fiat currency.

XFC token can be purchased on the Footballcoin platform using a credit card. The XFC coins are tradable against fiat on a variety of crypto trading platforms. However, most of the XFC trading volume is currently taking place on centralized exchange Whitebit.

For the last few years, FootballCoin has been using NFTs as the central pillar of its operations. Notably, player card NFTs on the platform have different prices, starting at around $3. There are, however, no additional fees for selling, trading, or Leasing these cards. 

Footballcoin’s mission is to bring the advantages of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to Football Manager and Fantasy Sports users. In doing that, the platform offers a degree of anonymity and complete ownership over the game assets. From a broader perspective, Footballcoin contributes to the mass adoption of DLT (Distributed Ledger Technologies) such as blockchain. The platform believes in the future of our gaming platform and its global adoption,

Footballcoin hopes to become a significant player in fantasy sports with fans all over the world while building a solid and healthy game crypto economy.”