FLUID Announces LERC20 Integration to Power its $FLD Token With Hack Mitigation Capabilities

FLUID Announces LERC20 Integration to Power its $FLD Token With Hack Mitigation Capabilities

FLUID, an ultra-low latency liquidity aggregator that uses AI quant-based models to address inefficient fragmented liquidity in virtual asset markets, has announced that it will use the Lossless LERC20 standard to power its $FLD token, which will include hack mitigation features such as fraud detection, freezing fraudulent transactions, and reversing stolen funds.

Shah Sheikh, Chief Information Security Officer, FLUID said: “Securing digital assets is a major challenge for the industry and an even greater barrier for institutional adoption of virtual assets. As the liquidity aggregator of the future, it is fundamental that FLUID provides access to deep liquidity in a secure framework. Our partnership with Lossless, which is the first DeFi hack mitigation tool, adds an additional layer of security that conforms to the highest standards in place currently.”

The statement comes as the digital asset industry has seen an increase in cyber-attacks and crypto-hacks recently. Retail and institutional investors will benefit from FLUID’s cooperation with Lossless, which will provide a safe platform and expanded prospects in the DeFi sector. According to DefiLlama, the ecosystem’s current total value locked (TVL) is exceeding $215 billion.

Through AI quant-based solutions, FLUID is a game-changer for the virtual assets business in terms of liquidity aggregation, providing high throughput, ultra-low latency and costs, and zero counterparty risk. FLUID will also improve security across spot trading, derivatives, futures, synthetics, tokenized assets, and security token offerings by incorporating the LERC20 protocol.

“We’re excited to welcome FLUID to our security ecosystem of protected tokens. With hacks happening one after another in DeFi and the industry losing billions of dollars, we hope to provide our solutions to a much wider number of crypto projects. As a result, Crypto asset security, which used to be unavailable, is now an option to many,“ said Vygandas Masilionis, CEO of Lossless.

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