Flint Rolls Out High Annual Crypto Return Platform On Solana

Flint Rolls Out High Annual Crypto Return Platform On Solana

Flint, a passive crypto investment gateway, announced today it would be entering its beta stage to allow users easy access to passive returns on their stablecoins.

According to the Flint team, users can enjoy up to 13% per annum returns with no specific time requirements for locking up funds. Flint seeks to solve the current challenges that crypto enthusiasts face while earning passive income in the industry. Flint is designed to give investors exposure to crypto markets without facing volatility. Notably, unlike similar projects, users are not required to venture cryptocurrencies directly to earn passive income on the platform. Instead, the platform allows users to enter the market using Indian rupees to get exposure to DeFi yields at times of historic low-interest rates.

The platform leverages DeFi and stablecoins to generate high returns. Flint uses stablecoins because they have reduced price volatility compared to most cryptocurrencies, making them ideal for investors wary of the market. Flint works by investing the stablecoins into diligently chosen decentralized finance protocols to generate capital for its users.

As a project, Flint has gained a lot of traction among users for allowing cost-free withdrawals at any time. The platform also makes it easy for users to enter and exit a position seamlessly, allowing those who do not hold cryptocurrencies to take their share of the market. 

The platform plans to deploy up to $500 million in capital across numerous DeFi protocols on the Solana Network in the next three years. This campaign is aimed at establishing a thematic basket of coins on Solana. The campaign will also help introduce the Flint NFT store on Solana.


Commenting on the project, Anshu Agrawal Flint, co-founder, explained: 

“We are targeting close to 500 million users globally across various customer segments, who are crypto-curious, have idle cash or stable coins, and are chasing higher yields than conventional investments. The best part is that Flint achieves all of these for our users without them having to break their heads on active crypto trading or price movements.”

Flint also plans to use Solana for foreign remittance and its Flint Pay, including P2P and P2M crypto payments. In addition, the platform plans to establish Solana’s native stablecoins as the primary assets for yield generation.

Solana Foundation Advisor, Akshay BD added: 

“We’re incredibly excited about startups like Flint leveraging the Solana network to offer valuable consumer products in the mobile-first experience users are used to. Crypto is increasingly finding a place in every investor’s portfolio, and stablecoin yield may offer a great starting point for most investors entering the space.”