First Block in the beating heart of the blockchain emerging market

First Block in the beating heart of the blockchain emerging market

Three Entrepreneurs with a combined 20 years of expertise in the blockchain sector to deliver a comprehensive range of Web3 services to clients.

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – Swedish-based company FirstBlock, today announces the official launch of its full range of Web3 and blockchain consultancy services that aims to create value using blockchain technology to meet industry growing demands.

As part of its dedication to providing value-added services, FirstBlock is pleased to welcome its three founders, Richard Larsson, Fati Hakim, and Elvin Sababi. The founders have a combined twenty years of industry expertise and are all equally passionate about Web3. To provide full services to companies in the Web3 industry, they have assembled a team of professionals in blockchain development, legal, marketing, and community administration.

FirstBlock’s CEO, Richard Larsson, is a seasoned businessman who has successfully led a number of initiatives including DeFi, P2E, and NFT. With a strong background in the security sector and experience working as a developer and cyber security specialist in the military, he boasts a specific skill set that allows him to take on complex problems and provide cutting-edge solutions for the business.

The necessity of business development is crucial to FirstBlock’s continued company success. Fati Hakim, FirstBlock’s chief strategy officer, is in charge of business growth and customer relationship management activities. Hakim’s extensive experience proves to be a useful advantage. She has eight years of advising, consultancy, and leadership expertise as well as the potential for strategic vision. She has held C-level roles and served on boards for many Web3 initiatives, which will surely help FirstBlock continue to grow.


“Incorporating strategy, development, and legal considerations in every stage of a client’s project makes us unique. Our ability to deliver high-level quality is directly connected to our comprehensive approach of including these three angles at every phase, making it a FirstBlock standard that we are proud to represent,” said Fati Hakim, CSO of Firstblock.

FirstBlock recognizes the value of setting up a strategic company direction and abiding by legal requirements in pertinent countries with regard to consultation, project implementation, and concept creation. A renowned Web3 attorney in Europe with expertise in NFTs and MiCA legislation is Elvin Sababi. During international blockchain events, he usually gives speeches on legal barriers and regulatory frameworks in Web3. His knowledge of Web3 technology and legal matters is crucial for clients looking to maintain compliance in the Web3 environment.

FirstBlock works with a wide variety of clients in the sector and provides expertise and support at each stage of a blockchain endeavor, including developing strategic frameworks for current businesses or launching new ventures. It gives us great pleasure to inform you that FirstBlock is now formally open for consultation. Please visit our website at for additional details.

About FirstBlock

FirstBlock is a full-service blockchain consulting company that offers organizations from many sectors specialized blockchain solutions. It provides clients with a comprehensive array of consulting services in the Web3 industry, including blockchain strategy, software development, Web3 legal counsel, marketing, community outreach, and PR. The team at FirstBlock offers thorough solutions to assist clients in creating successful Web3 projects and navigating the challenging legal and regulatory environment.

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