FiboDex Set To Hold Its IEO On LATOKEN

FiboDex Set to Hold its IEO) on LATOKEN

Decentralized crypto exchange FiboDex is set to conduct an initial exchange offering (IEO) on LATOKEN. The IEO will afford investors the opportunity to buy FIBO, the utility token for the Fibo blockchain at a very low price.

FiboDex intends to raise at least $100,000 from the IEO, with a hard cap of $1 million. This will be one of the most affordable token sales in the crypto market. A minimum investment of 1 USDT is required to participate in the token sale and Fibo/USDT trading will commence immediately after the IEO is completed to ensure adequate liquidity is available for the token to take off.

Apart from the decentralized exchange, FiboDex also provides a range of other crypto services using other platforms. These include FiboDex Hybrid Exchange, Fibochain: A combination of multiple blockchains allowing all ecosystem elements to seamlessly connect with one another, an NFT marketplace, a game asset marketplace, a game Developer Platform, and an NFT Developer Platform.

The FIBO token which will also serve as a governance token for the hybrid exchange has a total supply of 100 trillion. 1% of this was sold during the private sale while 5% will be offered to investors in the coming IEO at a price of $0.0000002.per token. The funds realized will be used for the long-term development of the FiboDex ecosystem.

The ecosystem will be launched in Q3 2022. However, the team is launching the FIBO token ahead of the ecosystem to help it grow the community. LATOKEN is a renowned platform for conducting successful IEOs and was chosen for that reason to do the FiboDex IEO. After that, the token will be listed on HotBit, probit, LBank, PancakeSwap, and CoinTiger.


Going forward, the team also intends to release mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices and introduce peer-to-peer trading on FiboDex at the same time. Other features to be added include margin trading, a launchpad, development of the Fibochain, and establishing $FIBO as a payment token to add an extra utility layer for the token.