Fibit Pro: The World’s First Discount Broking Crypto Exchange

Fibit Pro: The World's First Discount Broking Crypto Exchange

We live in a world where Cryptocurrency has left industry biggies stunned. This game-changing technology has not only attracted investments from high net-worth individuals and hedge funds but also from major retailers, manufacturers, and telecommunications companies. Fibit Pro Exchange, the world’s first discount broking crypto exchange, is all set to revolutionize the crypto industry. With Fibit Pro Exchange, investors will be able to save more and trade like never before. 

Pay Less fees with Discount Broking

Discount Brokers offer lower brokerage or trading fees than traditional brokers or online trading firms, who usually take as much as 3-5% commission off of each trade. Fibit Pro Exchange will let its users pay only 0.1% or 1$ (whichever is less) on every trade execution. 

$FBT – Fibit Pro’s native token

Fibit token ($FBT) breaks all barriers; it is functionally stable and ready to perform. Fibit Pro strives to become one of the fastest exchanges in the world as $FBT (based on BEP-20) can handle 8 million transactions per second with a very low transaction fee alongside multiple trading pairs.

Fibit Pro Android App and iOS app are also available to quickly trade, buy, and sell crypto. 

If users choose to use $FBT (Fibit Token) for paying fees, a straight 50% discount will be applied. When a user signs up, after successful KYC, if they have used a referral link, then the referrer will get 25 INR worth of $FBT (Fibit token) and the referee will get 100 INR worth of $FBT.


Fibit Pro Exchange Features

  • Advanced Trading Platform

The Fibit Pro Exchange is an advanced trading platform that has been built with the needs of the professional trader in mind. Fibit Pro Trading Platform enables users to trade with high levels of liquidity and market depth, where users have options to customize the interface as per their requirements.

  • Merchant Payment Gateway

With Fibit Pro Merchant Payments Gateway for crypto, you can easily accept crypto from anyone. They are making it easier than ever for businesses of all types to send and receive crypto from clients whenever they need to.

  • Secure Platform

Fibit Pro is building the future of finance, and it takes your safety very seriously. To enhance user security, Fibit Pro exchange supports 2FA authenticator and SMS verification

  • 24/7 Live Chat Support

Gone are the days when the only option was to call a company and be put on hold. Live chat has now become one of the foremost communication methods. Fibit Pro exchange commits to providing instant live chat support to answer all your concerns. 

  • Staking/Fixed Deposit

When the market turns bearish, many people are seeking to earn more on their crypto holdings. Fibit Pro Exchange enables you to earn up to 12% APY on your crypto deposits and 14.7% APY by creating $USDT fixed deposits.

Fibit Play Gaming

Fibit Play – a gaming platform for players around the globe. Here, users can play with FIAT currencies, INR, $USDT, and $FBT to win rewards. Currently, players can play Ludo. Monthly tournaments are organized where players compete on a leaderboard. In the near future, more games like Roulette, Poker, and Teenpati will be available on Fibit Play.

The exchange expects to release a number of upgrades beginning in Q3 2022. Some of these include Loans against Crypto, Copy Trading, and NFT platform.

About Fibit Pro Exchange

Fibit Pro Exchange is based out of Pune, India. It started in 2019 with a vision to manifest an Extreme Crypto Trading platform that offers Limit, Market, Stop-Loss, Margin, and Escrow trading on the fly.