Fanton Secures $300K Pre-Seed Funding, Aims to Revolutionize Play-to-Earn Gaming in TON Ecosystem

Fanton Secures $300K Pre-Seed Funding, Aims to Revolutionize Play-to-Earn Gaming in TON Ecosystem

According to an official announcement today, the leading play-to-earn game in the TON ecosystem, Fanton, has secured $300,000 in a pre-seed funding round.

Fanton Fantasy Football is an innovative online game on Telegram allowing users to create and manage football teams by selecting player cards. The game mimics tournaments of the top 5 European leagues, and the Champions League, and players score points based on their chosen players’ performances in real-life matches.

According to the announcement, the seed round was led by First Stage Labs, Yolo Investments, and Existential Capital, along with business angel Emanuele Costa. This investment puts Fanton’s value at $5 million, allowing the company to blaze a trail towards unicorn status in the TON ecosystem.

Fanton’s CEO and founder, Eldar Khayretdinov, revealed he is confident in the startup’s potential to become the first unicorn in the TON ecosystem. Khayretdinov believes that with the current investments, Fanton is well-positioned to revolutionize the play-to-earn gaming landscape in the TON ecosystem.

Fanton’s impressive expansion and devoted user community signal a bright future for SocialFi Gaming, and the strategic partnerships with First Stage Labs and Tonstarter, as well as the support of venture capital firms like Existential Capital and YOLO Investments, highlight the strength of Fanton’s team, business model, and early-mover advantage.

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Moreso, Fanton’s use of NFTs and the possibility of earning cryptocurrency add a unique and thrilling aspect to the game, making it a must-play for fans of fantasy sports and football. With a user-friendly interface, different tabs for progress tracking and team management, and enticing rewards, Fanton Fantasy Football has already attracted over 190,000 users from 137 different countries.

Fanton’s founder and COO, Vadim Sterlin, further disclosed that the project has been seeing steady weekly growth of 20% and revenue generation over the past 20 weeks. Hence, this indicates the company’s potential to transform the play-to-earn gaming landscape in the TON ecosystem. 

Nonetheless, with the support of key players in the industry and the company’s unique approach to integrating TON technology with the Telegram user base, Fanton is well-positioned to continue its rapid growth and revolutionize the TON Ecosystem’s play-to-earn gaming landscape.