Exohood Celebrates its Upcoming 1st Anniversary

Exohood Celebrates its Upcoming 1st Anniversary

Exohood officially debuted on April 16, 2021, by launching its “EXO” governance token on the Binance Smart Chain network, while the development team was working on the ecosystem, the token was listed on CoinMarketCap, which started a wave of transactions until the present day.

As we know Exohood is a free ecosystem accessible to everyone on this planet without discrimination. It’s displayed with a massive intuitive portal where its format is presented in DApps, each with different functionalities such as: its ramp to go from Fiat to Crypto, where you can pay with a credit card or bank account only following a few simple steps using a sophisticated KYC, that is, if it’s a self-custody you must use a decentralized wallet because Exohood’s philosophy is decentralization and that is how Dapps should work in the ecosystem. It also offers a fully automated and decentralized tokenization platform, where you are able to launch your own token on any of the following networks: BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Tron, and even create game assets on Tron or NFT. Not only that, find an amazing store called ExoStore where to buy authentic merchandise from Exohood and their projects.

Let’s recap everything Exohood has achieved during the past year. The development team has done an incredible job, without prior funding, such as ICO or other funded projects, the developing team has worked on the ecosystem with its own resources, because as the leader’s team Xpunk7 remarks “We can’t sit around waiting for someone to be interested in us and give the project few thousands of dollars to do something extraordinary” What’s important about all this is to continue doing what we do and grow alongside the support of an incredible community and holders who have confidence in what we have attained.”

Currently, the team is focused on ExoLand, a fascinating NFT ecosystem that will be available on April 16. So far we have managed to create a sophisticated platform while maintaining it easy for users to interact with. ExoLand is deeply connected to the ExoUniverse since you can buy your avatar and open its own custom properties. For example a therapist’s office with its patient’s waiting room, a house to receive friends, an event hall, a restaurant, a nightclub, a hotel, or even a casino. The possibilities are endless. This could easily create an entire economy, not just in real estate, but also in commerce, entertainment, and education. Avatars could visit an art gallery and purchase the NFT artworks that are sold there; tourists from other Metaverses could visit Mars and spend crypto in the ExoUniverse or stay for a visit in a hotel. Leading to the generation of jobs and income. The nightclubs in ExoUniverse need doormen, hotels need receptionists, and casinos need waiters…you get the idea! ExoUniverse will be a complete virtual ecosystem where the economic principle of supply and demand exists.

Another of the projects that we are going to carry out in the following months is the launch of our demo for investors who want to invest in what will be our ExoUniverse, a metaverse that focuses on Mars with many different worlds. Nevertheless, this won’t be a Metaverse that other crypto projects are working on as a simple 3D screen. We are going to develop our Metaverse in virtual reality, while others fly over Virtual Earth, we build on Mars. Therefore you won’t have to wait for a rocket to be built and take you to Mars, with the data we have from NASA, we’ll be able to recreate a VR environment on Mars. If you are thinking about where to buy your next apartment, the best place will be here.


There is even more, also working on ExoGames, a project highly requested by our community which is blockchain games, to play and earn money on. In addition, game creators can also collaborate and be able to launch their games in our ecosystem. Remember that Exohood is an entirely free ecosystem, all the code is open-source on Github and anyone with programming knowledge can open a repository and start collaborating with us.

Another piece of great news for this anniversary is that we are in negotiations with the Singapore Exchange Abcc.com, our EXO Token may soon be listed. As we have repeatedly remarked we won’t pay any exchange to be listed, where you see Exohood listed it’s because the exchange has an interest in our project and is confident in betting on us, and that has been the case with Abcc. The conversations with their team are quite advanced, an announcement on it is coming soon. The team is also working on the long-awaited Whitepaper V3 where we are developing awesome ideas.

Exohood is a long-term bet and we are continuing to work focused on it, many developers leave and launch another when their project doesn’t turn out successful, but the Exohood team moves forward and won’t give up, despite this being a long road and the creation of a dent takes time. By working on a solid project we are convinced that Exohood will be among the first top 10 of the crypto list, so if you want to meet us and join this adventure, don’t forget to visit our website and join the community on Discord, Telegram, and Reddit.

Happy anniversary soon Exohood!

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