Exclusive Physical NFT Collection from Kryptomon to Launch on Binance NFT

Exclusive Physical NFT Collection from Kryptomon to Launch on Binance NFT

Web3 blockchain gaming project Kryptomon is pleased to announce the launch of its official sale on the NFT marketplace of Binance. 

Kryptomon is a living-NFT-powered Metaverse project that combines Play-and-Earn gaming with nostalgic charm in a bid to build a unique gaming universe. Binance NFT, on the other hand, is one of the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure providers.

Kryptomon Launches “Physital NFT” Collection

Interestingly, the integration of both companies will see the launch featuring one of the world’s first physical and digital NFT collections, dubbed “physital NFT”.

As the name implies, physital is a term used to describe the merge between physical and digital. As such, it is noteworthy that the NFT collection released by the company will feature a physical and digital concept.

According to the announcement, the digital items that will be included in the Mystery Box include a variety of Badges (silver, gold, platinum, and diamond).


Interestingly, this will grant users an increased chance of obtaining Mystery Boxes in Kryptomon’s monthly Treasure Hunt event along with other unique in-game enhancements, a co-branded in-game “NFT Hunter Club” hoodie that provides in-game utility for both 2D and 3D Kryptomon games, and a single Kryptomon NFT egg which will soon hatch into the buyer’s very own Kryptomon. 

The physical asset collection, on the hand, will include a variety of limited-edition exclusive collectibles, each with its unique serial number to prove and verify its authenticity. 

When buyers purchase the NFT Mystery Box, they will receive physical NFT collections, including a limited edition “NFT Hunter Club” Kryptomon hoodie with a serial number matching its digital counterpart.  Other items included in the physical package are a limited edition “NFT Hunter Club” Kryptomon T-shirt, a cap, and a shopper bag.

Per the announcement, the Mystery Box sale will be conducted on a first-come-first-serve basis. The sale will be conducted over four rounds and last until the items run out of stock. Furthermore, the announcement noted that Binance users with verified KYC wallets will be eligible to purchase from the first-ever exclusive physical sale.