Everlodge Tops List of Soundest Cryptos, According To Experts

Everlodge Tops List of Soundest Cryptos, According To Experts

As cryptocurrency bounces back from the recent bull market, users are flocking to accumulate these cryptocurrencies. 

Two already have a large consumer base and are expected to perform well in August. The third project is expected to offer huge returns with great utility and disruptive potential.

Here’s why these three cryptocurrencies are must-haves, according to experts.

Everlodge Offers Early Presale Returns Of 280% 

Everlodge is the first blockchain-based property marketplace for travel properties. Its marketplace will let users buy and sell NFT fractions in luxury villas, vacation homes, and hotels. To fractionalize properties, properties are minted as NFTs that contain titles, deeds, and ownership details of the property. 

This makes vacation home ownership significantly more accessible to buyers without huge funds. For example, instead of needing $1 million to purchase a property, users can buy a 5% fraction for just $50,000.


Alternatively, users will have opportunities to help fund new developments via the Everlodge launchpad. The Everlodge launchpad will help developers fund new projects. Users who get involved early are likely to make huge profits once the developments gain traction.

One of the most lucrative factors of the Everlodge ecosystem is its rewards club. Users in the rewards club will earn free nightly stays at Everlodge properties. These stays can be used as a free vacation. Alternatively, they can be sold for a profit on third-party platforms like Airbnb.

Aside from their properties increasing in value, users will be able to take loans against their NFTs. This will increase the amount of capital a user can use to infuse in other properties, thus increasing their portfolios significantly faster. 

ELDG tokens will soon be sold during the Everlodge ecosystem. They will start at a price of $0.01 and increase to $0.035 before the presale ends. During the presale, Everlodge aims to raise $12 million. In total, 480,000,000 Everlodge tokens will be sold during the presale and the tokens liquidity pool will be locked for eight years.

Experts Predict That Solana Will Hit An Annual High In August

Solana is one of DeFi’s fastest-growing projects. Solana’s value surged by 20.49% in July; now, crypto adherents believe that additional surges are coming. With a total value locked of over $1 billion and a market cap of $9.4 billion, analysts are extremely bullish about Solana in Q3.

Solana’s influence throughout DeFi and the NFT space is on the rise, with over 800 new projects being built on the platform in 2023. This will likely cause additional price surges, taking Solana to a new annual high.

At the time of writing, Solana was trading at $23.20. Its value had decreased by 6.75% in seven days, though experts believe this is a small correction. Post correction, most believe Solana’s value will increase again.

Adherents Flock To Litecoin As Halving Excitement Builds

Litecoin’s daily trading volume has consistently increased over the past week as users look to profit from the Litecoin halving. This process, roughly every four years, has historically triggered Litecoin price increases of over 300%.

At the time of writing, Litecoin’s daily trading volume had increased by 10% to $800 million. However, the project’s value had decreased by 4.55% to $88 in the last 24 hours. This decrease in Litecoin was caused by a decline in Bitcoins value, which has impacted much of the market.

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