Ethernity Chain Makes Debut on Binance’s Innovation Zone

Ethernity Chain Makes Debut on Binance’s Innovation Zone

Ethernity Chain (ERN) has launched on the Binance Innovation Zone and is due to receive three trading pairs during the day.

The community-oriented platform specializes in limited edition and verified Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), features which have increased its popularity in the crypto world. The listing of the token on the major trading platform, Binance, is expected to further advance its operations and also its NFTs appeal.

The platform’s reputation has grown in the past couple of months. Numerous public figures have partnered with Ethernity’s team to provide brand new collectibles on the platform. More recently, Ethernity teamed up with various influential personalities including Manny Pacquiao, Pelé the footballer, Phil Ivey, Marilyn Monroe, Anderson Silva and the Winklevoss brothers.

Ethernity Chain’s native token ERN, has multiple functions in its ecosystem. It is useful in purchasing NFTs, obtaining governance rights by voting on proposals, and it can be staked for rewards. Moreover, it can be periodically bought back by Ethernity’s team via platform proceeds. Its listing on Binance will therefore, open up the token and the Ethernity Chain ecosystem to the greater crypto community.

Nick Rose, the CEO Ethernity Chain commented on this development saying:


“When the biggest exchange in the world decides to incorporate your company into theirs, it’s definitely not something to take lightly. This is a massive statement that reverberates to all our artists, charities, icons and of course, the community.”

Binance crypto exchange confirmed adding ERN to its Innovation Zone. The Innovation Zone is a trading zone dedicated to innovative assets with a potential for high volatility. The increased risk is directly proportional to the potential for great rewards. Binance traders interested in the Innovation Zone need to fill a questionnaire on the Zone’s webpage, and thereafter, they will have access to all listed tokens including ERN.

Binance has not placed any trading restrictions for any of the trading pairs. Ethernity Chain’s trading pairs will be ERN/BNB, ERN/BUSD, and ERN/USDT, with trading commencing on June 22, 2021 at 6.00AM UTC.

Ethernity is a revolutionary NFT project combining both DeFi utility and authenticated artwork represented as NFTs. Its collectibles feature leading artists and super stars in various fields ranging from film, music, sports, tech, entertainment and history.

The platform creates an exclusive channel through which renown digital artists and notable figures can showcase themselves and their work. Ethernity also intends to donate a portion of profits accrued from this endeavor to charitable causes.