Ethereum Gaming Is The New Fad

Ethereum Gaming Is The New Fad

Gambling is all about having fun and enthusiasts are always keen on finding new ways to enjoy the casinos. In today’s world, other than the factor of enjoying the process of gambling, the comfort of the gameplay is also integral. Back in the day, you had to be physically present at the casino to enjoy your games, but today, online casinos are accessible from the comfort of your home. Recently, there has been a massive surge of cryptocurrency casinos and one of the most popular ways to play is through Ethereum Gambling. Cryptocurrencies are slowly overtaking the FIAT currencies in the online gambling department, because of the various benefits that they bring to the table. Gambling with Ethereum brings a whole new layer of significant improvements to online casinos worldwide.

Payment options of Ethereum Betting

Ethereum Casinos boast extra safety and security thanks to the sophisticated dual payment system encryptions. There are two ways of using Ethereum to pay for play. 

You can make a payment through Ether. It’s the system that resembles the ones of BTC or any other virtual or FIAT currency. It’s plainly simple to understand since it’s based around deposits and withdrawals.

You can also use Ethereum Smart Contracts.  Unlike sending funds directly to the casino’s wallet address, you send Ethereum to a smart contract that was connected with the Ethereum Casino. Depending on the final outcome, the smart contract will see to it that either you’ll get paid or it will cut out your funds to pay back to the casino.

Advantages of Ethereum Gambling

There are tons of significant advantages when it comes to Betting with Ethereum, let’s list some of the most significant ones. 


Gambling with Ether provides security, unlike any other currency in the world. Thanks to the sophisticated payment system through smart contracts, Ethereum is almost impossible to hack or scam. The finances are totally tied to the owner and virtually no force in the world can hack your wallet or account. 

The speed is one of the major upsides of Ethereum Gambling. Unlike the FIAT currencies and their payment systems that employ banks for the transactions, Ethereum is decentralized and doesn’t depend on any third-party participants. The deposits and withdrawals are instantaneous and the blockchain system is covering additional security for the whole process.

Another truly amazing advantage of Ethereum Casinos is the fact that players stay completely anonymous when gambling with Ether. Nobody will ever be able to trace your activities to your name thanks to the blockchain system which is completely and utterly anonymous. Banks won’t be able to figure out your financial activities and your credit scores and percentages will stay completely untouched.