EOS Maintains Positive Price Momentum, Traders Optimistic Of A Good Month Ahead

EOS Price Prediction: Will This Take EOS to $12 In The Coming Weeks?

EOS has been one of the top cryptos making some good moves of late. Since the end of the crypto winter a few months ago, the market has since seen a lot of peremptory price action across various cryptocurrencies, with the likes of Bitcoin leading the charge. EOS has followed this trend, and now things look all set for the next big move.

Daily Support

A keen analysis of its latest trends indicates that EOS has entered an accumulation zone at between $6.88 and $7.2. Also, traders and analysts say that the crypto is currently enjoying strong daily support, with some buying pressure at the lows triggering a bullish push. If this continues, investors who buy in at this time will enjoy profits as the price is bound to head upwards. 

EOS Maintains Positive Price Momentum, Traders Optimistic Of A Good Month Ahead
Via TradingView

In fact, EOS could soon reach $10 to $11 as it follows a trend established back in December 2018 on the logarithmic chart channel. Continued support of this channel would put the price target at $10-$11 soon enough. However, that depends on whether the crypto’s trend takes the same during other similar Cycles. 

Time To Keep Tabs On EOS?

EOS is firmly rising in value, and that makes it a Crypto to watch out for. The crypto’s chart has already established an ascending triangle. As such, some traders argue that this, indeed, may be the best time to hop on the wave.

Needless to say, the crypto market, especially for most of the top coins, looks very promising this month. Bitcoin just broke above $10k, dragging with it a price spike across the larger crypto market. If this continues, coupled with EOS building momentum, EOS may be well-set to end the month on a high note.