Enjinstarter’s AI-Powered Web3 Projects Announces 142.4% ROI YTD, Rivals Global IDO Providers

Enjinstarter's AI-Powered Web3 Projects Announces 142.4% ROI YTD, Rivals Global IDO Providers

Enjinstarter, a next-generation launchpad for web3 projects, is making waves in the industry with its carefully curated selection of AI-powered Web3 projects.

Following an official announcement today, the launchpad has achieved an impressive 142.4% ROI YTD in 2023, solidifying its position as one of the top three IDO providers worldwide, according to CryptoRank.

Prakash Somosundram, co-founder and CEO of Enjinstarter, attributed the company’s achievements to its rigorous approach to selecting projects to revolutionize the industry. He explained that their comprehensive study of each launchpad applicant led to identifying the most promising AI-powered Web3 projects. Among the 13 IDOs conducted by Enjinstarter this year, 8 were based on AI technology, including ChainGPT, Orbofi AI, Eldarune, Cogito Protocol, KAIF Platform, HyperGPT, DexCheck, and SophiaVerse.

ChainGPT emerged as the top performer of these projects, boasting an impressive ROI of 704%. Close on its heels was SophiaVerse, with an ROI of 602%. Enjinstarter’s ability to identify and support these high-growth projects played a significant role in achieving impressive returns for its investors.

Enjinstarter Seeks to Expand Its Ecosystem With 2 Additional Launchpad 

Since its inception in 2021, Enjinstarter has been at the forefront of supporting over 80 Web3 projects and platforms, fostering growth and innovation in the decentralized ecosystem. Their success has garnered attention and admiration from the industry, with various media outlets praising their achievements and contributions to the blockchain space.


Enjinstarter has revealed plans to further expand its ecosystem to build on its IDO launchpad success. The company aims to introduce two additional launchpads, one for utility-driven NFT projects and another for Web3 climate startups.

Per the announcement, the first aims to connect utility-driven NFT projects with investors, while the second will cater specifically to Web3 climate startups seeking funding from impact investors. In addition, the team revealed they are preparing to release an expansive storytelling AI NFT game, introducing a unique and immersive experience within the Enjinstarter ecosystem. Following efforts to achieve this, Enjinstarter has already lined up five exciting IDO projects in the pipeline, including SeaPad, Kvants AI, Boss Fighters, AITECH, and Backstage.