Endblock Empowers Players to Win Big With Its Revolutionary Reverse Gaming System

Endblock Empowers Players to Win Big With Its Revolutionary Reverse Gaming System

The decentralized gaming and DeFi industry are set for a new twist following the iteration of Endblock.io, a pioneering collective reverse betting system.

Endblock is one of the latest projects that have stormed the industry in a bid to enhance the DeFi gaming system. The platform seeks to revolutionize the gaming finance ecosystem with its outstanding ability to reward every player and offer them the opportunity to win big.

Endblock to Become the world’s first truly decentralized Gamefi System

Following its plan to launch in a few days, Endblock will emerge as the world’s first truly decentralized and 100% on-blockchain Gamefi system. With its straightforward and precise design, Endblock will feature sophistication in simplicity alongside a friendly user interface.

Interested players of Endblock can easily become a part of the community by simply hitting a button on a website. At the same time, the game offers a rich nuance for players who wish to manoeuvre and strategize. It is interesting to note that winning is not the only yardstick to become a beneficiary of the Endblock ecosystem because there is a chance for players to unlock an extravaganza of bonuses such as free tokens, pool rewards, and more lotteries like the Mega Jackpot; even if they do not win the primary jackpot.

For users to win the jackpot, they are only required to follow the following simple processes;

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  • Connect their wallet
  • Hit the “Reset Blocks” button, 
  • Wait for the block counter to reach zero.

When this is done, the last person to reset the block wins the entire jackpot if no one else resets it before the jackpot block counter gets to zero.

If no one wins the jackpot and the jackpot block counter hits zero, the system will automatically distribute the prize through the lottery and pools.

Following its mission to revolutionize the ecosystem while rewarding all users, the platform will not only offer all bettors free entry into another lottery, but, it will also offer them END tokens. END is the premier token of Endblock that leashes out various advantages to users.

Furthermore, Endblock features a unique mechanism and true decentralization that is wholly powered by the power of blockchain technology. Hence, it sends the funds of users directly into their wallets. Here, everything is handled exclusively through automated and publicly-reviewable smart contracts.

Endblock understands that decentralization is a core guiding principle of users’ philosophy; hence it has released a set of genuinely decentralized endpoints that operate independently through the power of blockchain.

For more information, visit www.endblock.io

And follow Endblock’s social media:

Telegram: https://t.me/EndBlockOfficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Endblock_io 

Medium: https://endblock.medium.com