Emerging Blockchain Platform JuicyFields Aims to Produce 75 Tons of Harvest in 2021

Emerging Blockchain Platform JuicyFields Aims to Produce 75 Tons of Harvest in 2021

JuicyFields, a medicinal cannabis crowd growing platform in its exclusive business model that has created a highly effective blockchain ecosystem reveals it has planned to produce 75 tons of harvest by the end of 2021.

The company had deployed the blockchain mechanism into its business model to facilitate a more effective output, hence has ventured into the industry without limiting itself to certain countries or territories while staying on the legal side.

JuicyFields’ venture into the blockchain industry appears to be aiding the business’ mission to scale volumes without any limitations. The firm chooses licensed partners, empowers them with all necessary infrastructures while assisting them in sales distribution of the end-customer product.

JuicyFields’integration with the crypto space has made the platform crypto-friendly as it accepts Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies as a method of payment as well as withdrawal.

JuicyFields Anticipates 75 tons of Harvest in a Few Months

With the efficient infrastructures utilized by the company while also considering major supports from partnering companies, JuicyFields revealed that it is expecting up to 75 tons of harvest in a few months via its existing facilities.


It is amazing that the company has designed its business model such that it is not restricted by geographical locations despite its record of massive international users. Its integration with the crypto space will also make cross-border payments easier. This is therefore a contribution to the growth of the company despite the legal restrictions in some nations.

“…….the emerging blockchain platform JuicyFields has evidently managed one of the seemingly impossible things in this highly regulated industry in the world! The company was able to remove geographical barriers by presenting people with a legal and simple possibility to support the medicinal cannabis movement, regardless of their place of origin,” the platform noted.