EarthFund Launches Its “DAO-as-a-service” platform to Ease The Decentralized Donation Processes

  • EarthFund launches DAO-as-a-service platform. 
  • The platform simplifies funding for any worthwhile world-changing cause. 
  • Deepak Chopra and Dr. Lucy Tweed are among the leading pilot initiatives on EarthFund.

EarthFund, a decentralized funding platform, has announced it has successfully launched its platform today to help anyone set up their own decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for world-changing causes they care about, from mental health to environmental conservation, and carbon removal. Announced June 15th, EarthFund aims to remove the complexities of launching a funding DAO, offering a simple-to-use platform that does not require experience in coding to launch. 

Over the years, several humanitarian DAOs have been launched, such as the UkraineDAO, giving promises to solve world problems but very few have actually been impactful. Additionally, setting up a funding DAO has been reserved for experienced Solidity developers, a class of programmers in extremely short supply. Regular companies and individuals were unable to set up the infrastructure required for a funding DAO, which limited the potential impact of the technology.

“We think crypto has an unparalleled opportunity to be a massive force for good, but it hasn’t been fully adopted yet mainly because of usability,” said Adam Boalt, Co-Founder of EarthFund.

EarthFund aims to solve these complexities via its intuitive UI that allows ordinary well-wishers and charity organizations to easily raise money for causes that positively impact the world. Founders of charities can set up their funding DAO, attract funds from donors, and offer token incentives to those that support the cause. Additionally, everyone in the donation chain will have a real say in the project and how the money raised can be used to promote better, healthier, and happier lives. 

“So far, crypto native folks have spent their energy on often frivolous causes, such as trying to buy a piece of paper or a virtual monkey profile picture,” Boalt added. “But with EarthFund, we’re focused on making crypto accessible so everyone can harness its potential and help truly world-changing causes to get the funding they deserve.”


The DAO toolkit is specifically designed for charity founders, donors, and users. According to the team statement, EarthFund offers founders an intuitive plug-and-play platform that allows launching an ERC-20 token and DAO with gasless governance. The users on EarthFund are able to collect rewards every time they vet, review or rate a project, or do a little bit of good for the planet and humanity. Donors are able to track the donated funds on a transparent and public blockchain. Finally, all these participants are given a voice, via decentralized voting, to advance the cause they committed to. 

At launch, EarthFund will welcome pilot initiatives by Deepak Chopra and Dr. Lucy Tweed, alongside 33 other members. Chopra will focus on raising funds for mental health projects across the globe while Dr. Lucy Tweed will raise funds to reduce the carbon footprint in the world and support community-led carbon removal projects. Speaking on the launch of EarthFund, Chopra said, 

“I believe that each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution. That’s why we chose to collaborate with EarthFund, a platform that gives everyone the ability to participate and have a voice in making a more sustainable, peaceful, healthier, and joyful world.”

Apart from offering a simple and intuitive platform, EarthFund also aims to solve a number of issues that have disillusioned people from donating to worthwhile causes, chief among them transparency and accountability. By building on a blockchain, EarthFund offers a transparent channel that allows the public to follow the train of funds from donors to those in need. This will help reduce the extravagant “administrative expenses” that most charities have, meaning more financial help for those in need.