Earn Through Automated Trading on Top Crypto Exchanges with RevenueBOT

Earn Through Automated Trading on Top Crypto Exchanges with RevenueBOT

It used to take years of training to become a profitable trader, but not anymore. With the advent of trading bots, anyone can start earning income from trading almost immediately. One of the top trading bots out there, RevenueBOT, helps traders earn income on top crypto exchanges with a few simple steps.

The bot was designed based on a simple trading strategy used by thousands of traders, known as the Martingale betting system. With it, you can start profiting from crypto trading on top crypto exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken and many others simultaneously. 

Once set up, the fully automated platform works 24/7 to generate profits for its owner. There are no charges or fees until the bot starts to generate income, at which point the bot charges 20% of the income generated using the bot.

There are 3 types of trade, namely SPOT, Futures USDT-M and  Futures Coin -M. Users are not charged more than the equivalent of $50 USD in Bitcoin in any calendar month for any of the trades.

Setting up RevenueBOT


The bot can be easily set up by anyone with a decent knowledge of computers as follows:

  • Register for free on the RevenueBOT.io website.
  • Choose the crypto exchange(s) you wish to use and the preferred trading pairs.
  • Create an API key in your exchange account and add to the API keys menu on the website.
  • Specify the wallet and deposit the crypto asset you want the bot to utilize.
  • Choose a default algorithm and settings template for the bot or set up personalized ones and start RevenueBOT to start earning.

There are lots of features that make using RevenueBot easy and suitable for the modern day trader. The following are some of the major ones that also make it suitable for automated trading.

Security: RevenueBot is non-custodial. This means it does not store or accept deposits of your crypto assets. All funds used by the bot are on your chosen crypto exchange accounts.

Flexible bot settings: There are default bot settings that are fine to use, but if you wish to configure any aspect of its operation to your taste, you can do so from your control panel.

Trailing stop: in order to maximize profit, the bot uses a trailing stop to track trades and close them when they are most profitable for any tracking period.

Trading signals: you can start RevenueBot at any time to start trading. However, an option is to subscribe to trading signals that signal providers send. These will be the basis for starting the bot and can increase your chances of entering winning trades. You can also use trading signals from the popular trading platform TradingView.

Trade only when it’s right: you can pick the best times to trade by using filters to start the bot. This keeps you from buying too early when the price is high or selling too early when the price is low.

Automatic switching of trading pairs: the trading bot switches trading pairs depending on the pairs in a list provided by you. It can also switch pairs depending on the volatility analyzer. You can use the volatility analyzer to automatically switch pairs to give the best returns at any point in time.

Full trading statistics: RevenueBot provides full trade data including statistics on bot cycles, orders and profits. This helps you to make better decisions and adjustments on current trades.

Leverage trading: leverage trading increases your chance of making a profit by magnifying your position even with little capital. You can also do this with RevenueBot, with up to 125X leverage depending on the chosen trading pair.