Dreams Quest Announces the Launch of $DREAM Token IDO on Red Kite, GameFi and DuckStarter

Dreams Quest Announces the Launch of $DREAM Token IDO on Red Kite, GameFi and DuckStarter

Dreams Quest, a decentralized play-to-earn RPG game that is powered by blockchain technology and dynamic NFTs, has announced that its anticipated initial DEX offering (IDO) will be held on Red Kite, GameFi, and DuckStater. Notably, the initial DEX offering on DuckStater is scheduled to take place on October 14. As for the GameFi and Red Kite IDO, Dreams Quest has set October 15 as the desired date.

By purchasing the $DREAMS tokens, users will get an opportunity to access the Dreams Quest ecosystem. Notably, the Dreams Quest ecosystem is scheduled to be unveiled gradually for the next two years according to the company’s road map.

“Players are invited to explore the dream realms and go on adventures by participating in quests, events, and tournaments. The NFT game cards are dynamic which are impacted by unknown factors like weather conditions, temperature, and storms. At the conclusion of every game, card attributes are written on-chain, storing the permanent history of card changes over time as well as how cards have evolved or changed,” the company noted in a press release.

Play-to-earn alias (P2E) games have gone viral for the better part of this year. Combined with the booming non-fungible tokens (NFTs) industry, the play-to-earn industry is poised to scale higher as more users migrate to the blockchain and crypto market.

“Players are presented with a free deck to get started and are then given a variety of gaming style options to make the game even more engaging. These include completing quests, competing in battles or tournaments, or setting up a shop in the marketplace to become a local trader. The goal is to create both an in-game economy and a variety of fun and interesting ways to earn while playing,” the company further noted.


“After over a year of hard work we are excited to finally be bringing this project to the market and to finally see our community coming to life. Our goal is to build a democratized economy where everyone can earn from playing while also having an opportunity to explore the realms that we dreamed up long ago,” noted Paulii Good, Dreams Quest Co-Founder.

The mysteries of the game combined with the fact that players have the chance to win and earn prizes makes the game much more interesting.

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