DogeMiyagi, Monero And Tron Thriving Despite Market Decline

DogeMiyagi, Monero And Tron Thriving Despite Market Decline

The crypto market is currently facing a decline, with some tokens falling victim to these harsh environments. However, there are three that seem to be thriving amidst the chaotic circumstances. DogeMiyagi (MIYAGI), Monero (XMR) and TRON (TRX) are some of the best out right now, finding success despite market conditions.

Why Is Monero Flourishing During A Crypto Market Crash?

The Monero platform was crafted to assist businesses and individuals with cryptocurrency exchanging and trading desires for goods and services. Monero is greatly appreciated for being a secure space that puts safety at the forefront of the operation. Monero allows users to complete transactions anonymously and privately, making transactions nearly impossible to trace. There are three main methods to ensure that the Monero platform is kept private.

The first method is stealth addresses, a random one-time-use address that changes even if one individual makes multiple transactions. Ring signatures keep the source of where the funds came from anonymous and where they are going by placing transactions into random groups with other unrelated transfers. And finally, RingCT hides transaction amounts.

Although there is currently mayhem in the market, Monero (XMR) seems to be thriving amidst the drama. XMR has been a lot less volatile than other cryptocurrencies on the market. As of Wednesday, 10th of May, the digital currency value went up by 0.57%. This is likely because the coin is well protected from price manipulation.

TRON: The Token Built On Entertainment

The TRON system was specially crafted to support those in the entertainment and content creation industry. This decentralized blockchain was founded back in 2017 by a non-profit organization based in Singapore. The TRON platform originally blew up in Asia, but it has since expanded and is now used on a global scale. By the end of 2021, there were over 50 million active users of the TRON blockchain.

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Tronix or TRX, is the native currency of the TRON blockchain network and arguably one of the most efficient cryptocurrencies. The TRON blockchain is a lot cheaper than competitors like Ethereum as users of the TRON blockchain aren’t required to pay transaction fees, keeping prices low. This is likely why TRX hasn’t fallen victim to the crypto market crash due to its consistency and affordability. TRON sits at a respectable 13th place regarding coin market capitalization, which is a huge difference from the 31st place it sat at just over two years ago.

New Coin DogeMiyagi Came Through Kickin’

DogeMiyagi is introducing a new approach to crypto- Mr DogeMiyagi himself has scoped out the market and put a lot of thought and care into his methods before acting. DogeMiyagi wants users to know that it’s not just another dog meme coin and believe it takes more to make it on the market. Mr DogeMiyagi’s saying is, “First learn stand, then learn fly”. A fitting life motto if you ask us.

DogeMiyagi wants nothing more than to ensure the token’s success, which is why DogeMiyagi has built itself upon the Ethereum blockchain. This is likely because many successful meme coins use and thrive on the network, which recently became an environmentally friendly blockchain with the Shanghai upgrade, giving it even broader appeal. By adopting a proof-of-stake consensus method, energy usage is kept low.

Because it is still in its presale stages, DogeMiyagi will not fall victim to the current crypto crash. So, for those looking for a brand-new currency, DogeMiyagi is the way to go. DogeMiyagi seems to have much to offer the potential investors; there are talks of DogeMiyagi NFTs on the horizon, as well as ‘Killer Swap Machine’, a UniSwap-powered exchange platform.

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