Dogemania: New Community for Doge-Themed Tokens Goes Live

Dogemania: New Community for Doge-Themed Tokens Goes Live

Dogemania, a new community for Doge-themed tokens is kicking off on 22 December 2021. The community is aimed at creating a new ecosystem within the broader finance world and will feature DOGECON, a DAO, and much more.

Dogemania will unite all Doge communities globally that have existed as separate entities before now. The DAO will enforce the principles of freedom and unity among members of the community which will focus on charity initially. The community will also develop native tools and DogeCON programs, including:

Locker: This is a free tool that lets community members lock and unlock tokens using the wallet address making the lock. Members can only unlock the transaction at the time recorded in the lock transaction sent to the Dogemania smart contract.

An NFT meme creation tool: this tool allows members to make Doge memes and mint them as NFTs. It is equipped with filters, drawing tools, templates, and logos of DOGE-like tokens and Dogecoin that artists can explore to mint customized NFTs on Binance Smart Chain.

BRIDOGE: is a bridge solution that will enable atomic swaps with yield farming opportunities for all DOGE-like tokens. This will make the tokens multi-chain assets that communities can move between networks. They can also stake them to earn yield from fees generated by BRIDOGE. 


Dogemania DAO Charity: Wallet: this will be a smart contract where token holders can donate to charity. Community members will then vote on how the funds will be used and distributed. At least 10% of all token holders will be required to vote and a minimum of 100 votes required to decide.

The DAO will be a critical part of the community and will be launching as soon as the NFT Meme Creation Tool has been unveiled. Every token holder joining the community will then become a member of the DAO and able to contribute to decisions on the project’s future. They can vote to modify or create new tools among many other decisions.

DOGECON – The Hottest Meme Event of 2022

To mark the official launch of the Dogemania community, a conference known as DOGECON is scheduled to come up in April 2022. The event taking place in Tokyo, Japan will bring all Doge community members together in the largest of such meetings where tickets will be issued as NFT cards. These will eventually become part of the unique Dogecoin NFT collection. The event will also feature a show of dogs found in the cryptocurrency industry, called the Crypto Dogs Show.

DOGEMANIA – Deflationary Meme Asset

The DOGEMANIA native token will be used to power the ecosystem. The token will have a total supply of 420 trillion, 20% of which will be locked for burns. 35% will be for listing on centralized exchanges while the remaining 45% of the tokens are locked in PancakeSwap liquidity for the next five years.

A fee of 10% is charged for the token purchase, out of which 5% goes to holders, 3% goes into the liquidity pool and 2% goes into the DAO charity. Token sales attract a 14% fee, out of which 5% to holders, 3% to the LP, 4% DAO charity fee, and 2% is burned forever.