Dogecoin Founder Draws The Line With Shiba Inu, Other Meme Coins — Reveals Why They “Aren’t Even Memes”

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  • Billy Markus calls out spamming meme coin advertising. 
  • The Dogecoin Founder explains clearly what a meme coin really is.
  • He believes emphasis should be placed on utility instead of hype.

Billy Markus, Dogecoin’s founder, took to Twitter to air his frustration with the meme coin spam advertising done on his threads. In the Twitter rant, the programmer gave his definition of what a true meme coin was supposed to be.

Current ‘Meme Coins’ Are Not Even Memes

Billy Markus took to Twitter to call out those that jumped on his thread to advertise meme coin projects. The programmer noted that what several of these spammers were doing was borderline fraudulent and not “remotely funny”, as they often lie about projects and make unrealistic promises.

Billy Markus tweeted, “satire has some mildly clever elements to it. jokes are funny. spam advertising, lying about who is involved in a project, making up ridiculous promises, desperately trying to get Elon’s attention to promote you, etc. are not clever or amusing.” 

Billy went on to clarify that while Dogecoin was developed nearly a decade ago to make fun of cryptocurrencies and the almost religious hype around them, making it a meme in the true sense, he said a lot of projects today are not really memes. He said these projects are attempts by some to try to get rich off others.

“Remember, Dogecoin was made 8 years ago. as satire. making fun of the idiotic coins. irony. satire. current “meme” coins aren’t even memes. they’re made by people trying to get rich off of other people trying to get rich. to each their own, but it is indeed a different thing. “


Billy went on to call out BSC tokens, saying they “have made the internet worse in every way. ” He noted that while it was OK to gamble, having to see annoying ads follow up on crypto meme posts is making the internet experience less fun. He said in response to a comment, “the people involved with it have gone from “huhuh this is stupid gambling idiocy” to “weird entitled people who justify themselves and their annoying spammy behavior,” adding, “it’s just a repeat of crap coins and ICO scams in the past.”

Billy Markus Believes Community Focus Should Be On Creating Value

As more meme coins are created following the success of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, the focus appears to have shifted. In a tweet a few weeks ago, the Dogecoin founder, who is no longer working on the project, urged the community to focus more on creating value around the project than on price. 

The tweet said, “okay dogecoin community, real talk. you have now seen that hype is unsustainable, across the board, for all crypto projects and all projects in general. Instead of focusing on hype and price, focus on helping build and improve something that can last. “ He noted that the current trend was unsustainable and that utility was more important. 

In the past, Dogecoin has received backing from the likes of Elon Musk because of the scalability of the network. Musk notably believes that it is the closest thing to a modern-day monetary system improvement.