DOEX Provides Preview Of Its Trading Terminal Interface

DOEX Set To Become First Cardano Blockchain-Based DEX

As decentralized exchange (DEX) platforms emerge on the Cardano ecosystem, Do.Exchange (DOEX) has decided to give its early project backers a preview of its AMM-based trading DEX terminal. This improves the project’s competitiveness in the mushrooming DEX space. It also steers users of the efforts the DOEX team has taken to keep its promises, and how it will benefit all stakeholders within the Cardano ecosystem.

Following an increase in demand, DOEX has developed a more professional user interface (UI) presented in the team’s preferred black and teal color palette. The UI features diverse tools useful to crypto traders and enthusiasts. Its dashboard contains unique panels where users can find handy information, different platform-specific functionalities, and query-specific analytics.

Additionally, the interface has a number of charts on the left. These cater to two needs: the first being an easy view of market movements, and the second being easy portfolio monitoring, with accurate real-time market prices. A dashboard panel on the right side allows quick transactions when users need to promptly react to real-time price movements. Integrated into the interface is the Nami wallet, which provides a seamless and trouble-free transacting experience.

For now, this is what the current preview holds. Future previews will showcase the user interface and user experience of staking and analytics, in addition to a few other platform capabilities.

DOEX would also like to announce the public sale of its native token $DOEX, which will kick off on Dec. 13, 12:00 PM (GMT+2), running until Dec. 27, 12:00 PM (GMT+2), on ExMarkets Launchpad. There are a total of 140 million $DOEX tokens. Of these, 16.8 million will be available for public sale at the unit price of $0.15. Payments options are in USDT, ADA, ETH, BTC, and USDC. No KYC data is required for one to participate in the sale.


Expectations are high on the hard cap of $2,520,000 being achieved soon after the sale begins due to heightened investor interest. Users are advised to open an account on ExMarkets before the IEO goes live to keep from missing out.

Notably, DOEX facilitates non-custodial, efficient and 100% trustless transactions between users, its services being available for all Cardano-native assets. The community-driven platform provides solutions to many of the pain points in other DEXs, such as maintaining ample liquidity and maximizing value for users.

As outlined in its mission, DOEX plans to promote interoperability across chains by enabling smooth token swapping between Cardano and Ethereum through the fool-proof bridge or converter. The DEX also has long-term plans to expand its services to reach a wider population and bring more value to the Cardano ecosystem.