DisruptDEX: Boosting DeFi’s Efficiency and Experience using zkSync

DisruptDEX: Boosting DeFi's Efficiency and Experience using zkSync

Decentralized finance (DeFi), which intends to offer various monetary services, including lending, trading, and insurance through smart contracts and distributed networks, is a prominent issue in the blockchain industry. However, it has several problems, like slow transaction speeds, hefty fees, and congestion on the Ethereum mainnet. Some projects have begun to explore the usage of Ethereum Layer 2 technology to improve its performance and experience to address these issues.

DisruptDEX is an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain-based order book decentralized exchange that uses an on-chain perpetual contracting technology. It was established in June 2022 to offer decentralized perpetual and spot trading with minimal slippage and no expense via a liquidity pool USD. It supports the Ethereum mainnet and zkSync, the second layer Ethereum public chain, resulting in increased throughput, lower costs, and quicker confirmations.

The public chain zkSync leverages zero-knowledge rollup (ZK rollup) technology to address Ethereum’s scalability issues. It has the capacity to cram thousands of transactions into a single block and uses zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) to ensure its security and validity. Deploying a range of decentralized applications (DApps) on zkSync allows developers to do so because it also supports smart contracts and EVM compatibility.

DisruptDEX uses the benefits of zkSync to offer consumers a safer, diversified, and secure decentralized trading experience with reduced Gas and higher TPS. On the DisruptDEX platform, users can leverage up to 100 times any asset, including stablecoins, tokens, and NFTs, for use as a margin.

One of the key developments of DisruptDEX is the USD. This novel liquidity pool design automatically modifies asset allocation among liquidity providers (LPs) to maximize returns and decrease temporary losses. Thanks to USD’s support for cross-chain asset conversion, users can trade between chains. The governance token of the DisruptDEX platform, Token DD, is another DisruptDEX incentive mechanism innovation that offers consumers more usage scenarios and value interactions. Holders can participate in the platform’s governance and decision-making processes and benefit from revenue distributions.


DisruptDEX, an up-and-coming DEX platform, obtained $10 million in financing assistance for its seed round and A round of financing from reputable investment institutions. Additionally, a B round of funding for DisruptDEX in February 2023 brought in an extra $20 million. Furthermore, a $500 million pledge offers DisruptDEX solid financial protection for future expansion. DisruptDEX has attracted the attention of some institutions.

DisruptDEX, an innovative and cutting-edge project, is focused on advancing the growth and acceptance of DeFi. It will offer financial services like loans, social trading, vaulting, and options to progressively create a complete DEX financial ecosystem. It is anticipated to become the star DEX of the zkSync public chain, given the technological advancement of zkSync and the growth of the public chain.