DigiToads aims to be more prevalent than Decentraland (MANA) in 2023

DigiToads' launch price set at $0.055 as it sees early success in presale

The ultimate meme-coin, DigiToads, has managed to grasp the attention of an influx of users, breaking all previous popularity records.

Each year, a certain cryptocurrency steals the spotlight, attains new highs, and then gets sidelined just as quickly as it rose to fame. A similar pattern was observed a few years back with MANA, a token powering the Decentraland virtual reality platform. The token reached an all-time high of $5.85 on November 25, 2021, and is currently traded at around $0.5.

DigiToads is a newbie currency in the crypto space that is ready to break this cycle of ‘pump’ and ‘dump’ through the provision of its innovative features.

A Quick Look at DigiToads (TOADS):

The popular toad memes on the internet have stirred up the creation DigiToads, a new meme currency that is transfiguring the crypto sector in unimaginable ways. It is best described as a play-to-earn and a stake-to-earn meme coin that powers ‘The Swamp’ (The firm’s metaverse).

Toads School:


Toads are insightful creatures capable of making well-assessed decisions under stressful conditions. DigiToads uses these traits to develop a trading course for its users. The course will be a great aid for all the new traders on the platform. It should be remembered that users need to hold at least 3 TOAD NFTs in their wallet to gain access to the course.

Play-to-Earn Game:

The play-to-earn feature has been gaining popularity for some time. DigiToads furthers this feature by incorporating it into its gaming ecosystem. The Toad-Cade is an immersive game where users receive a basic DigiToad. Players can upgrade their characters by feeding and training them. Users can also breed different DigiToads to create offspring with distinctive qualities.

Regular contests and battles will be held, winners of which will be awarded alluring rewards. The top 25% of the players will get a share of the firm’s profit by selling items in the gaming ecosystem.

Token Burn:

To ensure that its token follows a continuous upward trajectory, DigiToads has an inbuilt deflationary mechanism. From the collected transaction fee, 2% is used to purchase and burn TOADS. The fall in the token supply (which is fixed), together with the increased demand, helps create price surges in the token.


The firm’s Tokenomics is designed to collect a 7% tax from each transaction. 2% of the tax is reserved for token burn, 2% for NFT Staking Pool, 2% for the treasury, and 1% for the liquidity pool.

NFT Staking Pool:

DigiToads provides sublime passive earning opportunities for its users. By merely staking their TOAD NFTs, users can secure impressive returns. The returns, in the form of TOADS, hail from the NFT staking pool. This pool is maintained by the taxes that are collected on each transaction.


The TOADS price is forecasted to break records of all previous meme coins. Users wishing to acquire the token can opt for the presale. The in-progress Lilypad 4 stage of the presale offers the token for $0.02. Subsequent stages will have higher token prices. Buy now and secure grand returns.

Things To Know About Decentraland (MANA):

Decentraland is the first-of-its-kind virtual world where users can trade digital assets. In this phenomenal piece of land, there are no limits. Individuals can use their creative minds to create anything, like artwork, scenes, and avatars.

Decentraland is the first instance of a firm that allows users to own lands in a blossoming virtual economy. Not just this, but it also allows developers and craftsmen to put their skills to use by creating innovative digital assets and trading them.

Summing Up:

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the golden days of Decentraland are over. The token has not recovered its fame after it tumbled down last year. On the other hand, DigiToads has the edge over MANA due to its linkage with the gaming ecosystem. It is equipped with state-of-the-art features that will help it overthrow MANA in terms of popularity.

For More Information on DigiToads, visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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