DEGA’s Gamified Multichain Initial Stakepool Offering Transforms Fundraising

DEGA's Gamified Multichain Initial Stakepool Offering Transforms Fundraising

DEGA, a leading Web3 game developer ecosystem, has announced its innovative Gamified Multichain Initial Stakepool Offering (ISPO), set to revolutionize fundraising in the blockchain industry. Collaborating with MELD, Cornucopias, and other prominent players in the blockchain space, DEGA is extending its reduced-risk fundraising method, traditionally based on Cardano, to include Ethereum, Polkadot, and Polygon.

DEGA, a pioneer in the Web3 game development space, provides developers with an ecosystem of robust protocols, developer tools, and gamification services. The organization’s focus on user-friendly interfaces, AI-assisted chat systems, and familiar developer APIs ensures that creatives can concentrate on crafting immersive experiences while DEGA handles the complexities of Web3 technology infrastructure.

DEGA differentiates itself by combining high transaction speeds, reliability, and seamless integration to rapidly launch and scale blockchain games and metaverses within minutes instead of years. The platform offers a flexible and cost-effective technology foundation, allowing developers to bring their visions to life without unnecessary delays or expenses.

DEGA’s Multichain ISPO to Debut on June 19

According to the announcement, DEGA’s multichain ISPO will debut on Monday, June 19th, marking a significant milestone for the organization and the broader blockchain community. Participants in the DEGA ISPO can stake ADA, ETH, DOT, or MATIC, and receive rewards in DEGA’s deflationary utility token.

One of the core applications of the DEGA token is to serve as a transaction validation mechanism, similar to Ethereum tokens, but leveraging DEGA’s unique fractal blockchain architecture. This architecture empowers DEGA to create multiple blockchains and layers on demand through its Metachains, enabling the deployment of high-performance Layer 2 blockchains on Ethereum, Cardano, and other chains within 24 hours.


DEGA’s overarching vision is to empower billions of individuals to channel their creativity into the digital economy. By tirelessly building open software tools and experiences, DEGA enables creatives to participate in the world of Web3 using the most cutting-edge technologies available.

DEGA’s Gamified Multichain Initial Stakepool Offering represents a major leap forward in the world of fundraising for blockchain projects. With its multi-chain approach, DEGA is set to reshape the landscape of blockchain fundraising, driving innovation, inclusivity, and accessibility within the industry. As the launch date approaches, anticipation grows as stakeholders eagerly await the next evolution in decentralized fundraising.