DeFiHelper Announces Open Strategic Funding Round

DeFiHelper Announces Open Strategic Funding Round

DeFiHelper, a sophisticated yield farming and trading platform with the mission of making decentralized finance more accessible and secure for everyday users has announced a new open strategic funding round. The project is looking for new investors and partners with a solid Web3 focus to continue its development.

DeFiHelper is a platform that, by filling a gap in the current Web3 ecosystem, would make decentralized asset portfolio management a pleasurable experience.

The platform’s primary functions are the trading of decentralized assets and the investment in liquidity pools. These enhancements aim to simplify and secure DeFi while also increasing APY for users (Annual Percentage Yield). Currently, DeFiHelper’s USP is “survive crypto winter with a profit,” which is spot-on.

DeFiHelper, by way of illustration, utilizes “trailing” to increase the adequacy of stop-losses. If the price of an asset increases by a factor of 10, relative to when the initial order was placed, the stop-loss level will also increase, allowing the user to exit the trade while still making the most profit.

Liquidity pools are a way for DEXs to “crowdsource” liquidity in exchange for a cut of trading fees and interest from the pool’s investors, and DeFiHelper takes it a step further by allowing investors to set stop-loss levels on their investments in these pools. If the user’s liquidity value drops below a predetermined threshold, the algorithm automatically removes and sells LP tokens, returning stable coins to the user’s wallet.


DeFiHelper includes flashbot protection as another must-have feature. In just two years, the value of what has been stolen in flashbot attacks has increased by a factor of three, reaching over $600 million by mid-2022. DeFiHelper will use private nodes rather than the mempool to process transactions, providing critical protections against frontrunning, which currently affects even the most popular token swaps.

With the addition of other cutting-edge features like pool profiling (currently being developed) and staking automation (earned interest is automatically autostaked to the current pool balance, which provides compound interest), DeFiHelper will soon be able to provide its users with more user-friendly and risk-avoid trading and yield farming strategies.

DeFiHelper is built on top of existing, successful DEXs and swaps, extending their functionality with its custom-built tools. More than ten prominent DeFi blockchains and fifty exchanges are currently supported, and the platform continues to grow in popularity daily (over 5000 new wallets connected to the platform in the last six months).

Big Brain Holdings, 6K Starter, and Crypto OMG led the previous funding round, which the team used to develop and perfect the foundation of their product. DeFiHelper’s current goal is to speed up the platform’s path to widespread use.

Strategic investors, Web3-centric funds, and products that share the goal of making DeFi easier to use, safer, and more widely accessible are encouraged to participate.

Participate in the DeFiHelper testing program to be among the first to experience the DeFi of the future for yourself. If you fill out this form (, you’ll be among the first to try out our brand-new features as they’re developed.

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