DefiChain Announces The Listing Of Its DFI Token On Exchange

DefiChain Announces The Listing Of Its DFI Token On Exchange

DeFiChain, the world’s top Bitcoin blockchain devoted to democratizing access to decentralized financial services and applications, today announces the listing of its DFI token on, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. This is a significant step in DeFiChain’s mission to open up DFI to investors worldwide.

One of the largest exchanges in the world, supports the greatest number of cryptocurrencies. At 10 AM UTC on September 26, the DFI token (ERC-20 version) will begin trading on Although may soon introduce a DFI-BTC pair as well, it will initially trade against USDT. In late October, the platform will offer the native version of DFI.

Users will be able to transfer DFI to any compatible wallet they desire after purchasing the token on The entire DeFiChain ecosystem, including decentralized stock tokens, are accessible to users through it. Additionally, Huobi, Kucoin, Bybit (ERC-20 format), Bittrex, Bitrue, and Hotbit all support trading of the DFI token. With each new listing, investors can more easily enter the world of native decentralized finance on DeFiChain.

Benjamin Rauch, VP Marketing DeFiChain Accelerator, said: “We are extremely happy that the DFI token can now be traded on and more and more people are able to access the no. 1 DeFi blockchain on Bitcoin.”

The DeFiChain ecosystem is accessible to everyone thanks to the DFI token. All activities on the DeFiChain blockchain revolve around it, including:

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  • Providing liquidity in multiple pools
  • Staking for blockchain consensus and security
  • As collateral to mint or borrow stock tokens and the dUSD stablecoin
  • As a reward token
  • As the governance token of DeFiChain 

DeFiChain gives users flexibility and the advantages of decentralization as the only blockchain on the Bitcoin network to offer decentralized assets. Without leaving the DeFi ecosystem, users can create and trade dTokens to gain price exposure to stocks and ETFs. Additionally, they can purchase dTokens on the DeFiChain DEX, even in fractional units.

A fully decentralized blockchain with on-chain governance is DeFiChain. Since the project’s mainnet launch in May 2020, the community has enthusiastically participated in almost all aspects of blockchain technology, including masternodes, projects, tools, governance, economic theories, and code governance. Its codebase has undergone extensive peer review and discussion and has been developed in an open-source manner.