DeFi Protocol, Hyperdex’s Mainnet Goes Live!

DeFi Protocol, Hyperdex’s Mainnet Goes Live!
  • Hyperdex, a decentralized exchange offering a full suite for DeFi users announces its mainnet has gone live. 
  • The mainnet introduces ‘cube’ strategies to help users trade and utilize Hyperdex’s capabilities. 
  • The cubes include Fixed Income, Algo Trading, and Race Trading, its flagship product. 

Hyperdex, an all-in-one investment platform built for every decentralized finance (DeFi) user, announced the launch of its mainnet platform on Wednesday, May 10. Hyperdex is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to stake, provide liquidity, and create and deploy their own automatic trading strategies, all with a click of a button. 

The development team has extensively worked on the mainnet for months with an aim to “drive down the complexity of DeFi investments” and give users “exposure to sophisticated products that were once the preserve of pros,” explains Manfredi Magris, Hyperdex Co-Founder. Hyperdex going live introduces new features (cubes)  to its initial list of products and services including the Fixed Income, Algo Trading, and Race Trading cubes. Each of these cubes will offer users utility in terms of their risk appetites. 

 “Our Race Trading cube, for example, contains a simplified derivatives contract that makes it easy for anyone to experience the rewards of decentralized finance, all boosted by the HYP token,” Magris further explained. 

Hyperdex Introduces the ‘Cubes’ Strategies

As mentioned above, the Hyperdex mainnet introduces three novel features namely the Fixed Income, Algo Trading, and Race Trading features. The Fixed Income Cube is investment strategy for risk-averse investors that enable users to earn a fixed return on stablecoins and other crypto assets. Algo Trading introduces variable incomes, calculated through statistics and mostly banking on arbitrage opportunities in the market. Finally, the Race Trading Cube is the riskiest of the three strategies. The cube offers users an opportunity to trade derivative-like strategies on their assets including leveraged trading, long and short positions, etc. 

The latter rises as the platform’s flagship product as it offers users a simplified platform that removes the complexities of pro trading on DeFi platforms. From the end user’s perspective, the only action necessary is to select the Race Trading cube, deposit their quoted asset, and await the price movement. The platform allows users to add margin requirements, set up stop losses, take profits, and limit orders. Hyperdex handles all of this on the investor’s behalf, converting a complex product into an automated “set and forget” option.


Once the mainnet launches successfully, the initial DEX offering (IDO) for the $HYP token will commence, the team announced. This will be followed by months of developments to add more “Hypercubes” and investment strategies to the platform, adding to the planned launch of a peer-to-peer (P2P) loan exchange.