DeFi Platform HyperDEX Finance Aims To Make Investing In Digital Assets Easier

DeFi Platform HyperDEX Finance Aims To Make Investing In Digital Assets Easier

Users who are unfamiliar with the nuances of DeFi products yet want to maximize their returns face an inherent risk in the continually expanding and evolving DeFi industry. There is a need for a service that can assist users in selecting investing strategies that are appropriate for their risk tolerance.

HyperDEX Finance is one such asset management platform that, through its extensive investment offerings, aims to ease the process of investing in DeFi.

What exactly is HyperDEX?

HyperDEX is a decentralized finance project that makes investing in crypto and digital assets easier for anyone. It provides investing cubes that allow users to choose from a variety of strategies based on their risk tolerance. This is in contrast to many existing protocols, which require users to have a thorough understanding of the platform or risk putting their money on the line. HyperDEX simplifies the entire investing process for users, from depositing assets to claiming returns, allowing them to select the most appropriate investment options to fulfill their financial objectives.

Here are a few aspects that distinguish HyperDEX from other DeFi protocols.

What exactly are Cubes?

For new users, DeFi investing might be scary, especially because the intricacy of decentralized finance makes selecting the correct investment plan difficult. HyperDEX has three main investment strategies, each with its own set of risks.


The following are the main strategies:

Earn a fixed return over a predetermined length of time with the Fixed Income Cube.
Algo Trading Cube: use HyperDEX trading algorithms to earn a variable return over a given length of time.
Race Trading Cube: bet on the price of a given asset over a specific time frame.

In addition, users can choose from a range of criteria that describe the investment’s features (such as the asset invested, the expiration date, and so on) in order to maximize the returns on each Cube investment.

Users can also develop a HyperCube that creates additional benefits and profits on a specific investment in addition to the Cubes. Users must deposit HYP tokens (the HyperDEX native token) in addition to a Cube investment to build a HyperCube investment strategy.

The following are the advantages of HyperCube:

Fixed Income HyperCube: Get a higher return on your initial investment plus a 20% bonus on your invested HYP tokens.
HyperCube Algo Trading: Provides an additional return in HYP tokens equal to the return on the original investment.
HyperCube Race Trading: Provides an additional return in HYP tokens equal to the return on the original investment.

In other words, by changing the Cube into a HyperCube, users can make “parallel” revenues at the same time.
While the Cube only pays a basic percentage on the underlying asset, the HyperCube pays twice as much as the Cube while also increasing the basic percentage. This benefits investors in two ways: 1) it boosts total returns, and 2) it increases demand for HYP tokens, resulting in higher token prices and profits.

HYP Token

The HyperDEX Finance platform’s native token is HYP. HYP tokens are utilized in the HyperDex ecosystem for a variety of purposes, including manufacturing HyperCubes and earning farm rewards. Users that invite others to HyperDEX or use the farm to stake their LP.

During the fundraising period, one HYP token will be created and assigned to HyperDex for every HYP token sold to an investor. The initial quantity of HYP tokens will be limited to 200,000,000.


HyperDEX is an asset management platform that is completely decentralized. It provides DeFi beginners and seasoned traders with a simple, practical, and powerful way to invest in and trade digital assets. To access the platform and make an investment, all users need is a wallet.

Furthermore, the platform is built on the Binance Smart Chain, which allows for faster transactions and cheaper costs. HyperDEX has a lot of future potential in the DeFi area, because of its unique features and growing user base, which adds to the platform’s value.

The team announced the start of their pre-sale, and investors who get in early could benefit from substantial long-term returns on their HYP investment. To take part in the pre-sale, simply go to their website. Following the presale, the token will be listed on a DEX Exchange.