DECENTRELON’s Most Extensive Airdrop Celebrates the Next chapter Of Independence For Twitter Users

DECENTRELON's Most Extensive Airdrop Celebrates the Next chapter Of Independence For Twitter Users

As a main proponent of decentralization, DECENTRELON, motivates Twitter’s 400 million users to take part in the movement by offering incentives.

Similar to the Founding Fathers, Bitcoin was created as a financial technology to promote economic development and freedom. Due to cryptography, humanity may be able to enjoy a future free of organizations that wish to restrict user development. DECENTRELON will use technology, which is threatened by Elon Musk’s recent acquisition of Twitter, to secure a better and more important future for humanity.

For this reason, DECENTRELON, a movement to ensure Twitter’s decentralization, is launching the largest airdrop claim ever in cryptocurrency on July 4. The Decentrelon movement aims to create a user-owned, digitally autonomous internet with the intention of acquiring or enhancing Twitter. The basic goal is to establish a society where freedom and decentralized power coexist.

Jack Jay, Founder of the initiative said: “Revolutionary. We are literally launching the new era of freedom from internet taxes, at the same time that we are taxed 100% without representation.”

DECENTRELON is a cryptocurrency voting platform as well as a cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to store, exchange, send, and receive cryptocurrencies from different blockchains for less than half the price of other top cryptocurrency wallets. The founder explained, “We are the first crypto wallet and DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to implement a voting system directly into the wallet.


Your $FreeBird tokens, which are deducted straight from the fee revenue, can be used to administer the community treasury. A polygon network is used by DECENTRELON to develop user-friendly software that can attract more users than any other app currently on the market. This is an opportunity on par with getting people online for the first time. Graham Novak [Founder of Constitution DAO], Polygon Studios, 99 Ventures, and SuperDAO all strongly endorse DECENTRELON.

Being a community-owned platform, DECENTRELON is able to develop a platform that genuinely helps its members. Collectively, they can decide whether rewards should remain, premium Direct Messages, an NFT marketplace, open algorithms, and manipulation should be banned. Everyone will look forward to a time when the community will make decisions and get rewards for those actions.

Each Twitter user will receive a certain number of $FreeBird tokens, which serve as voting rights for the decentralisation of Twitter or the development of a superior platform, in the future. In addition to creating a cryptocurrency wallet where users may store, purchase, sell, transmit, swap, and receive digital currencies across several blockchains, Decentrelon is also creating an iOS and Google Play app with a voting system. Swapping fees for the app will be significantly lower than those of the top cryptocurrency wallets, with all fee earnings going directly to the community trust fund, which is managed by the DAO.