DEA Confirms New PlayMining Game “Menya Ramen Dragon” Release For the Summer

DEA Confirms New PlayMining Game “Menya Ramen Dragon” Release For the Summer

Following the success and popularity of its existing range of play-to-earn games, Singapore-based GameFi company Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) is all set to add yet another immersive blockchain-powered game to its PlayMining economic zone.

Per the latest developments, the upcoming game titled “Menya Dragon Ramen” will be added to the PlayMining platform in July this year. To mark the introduction, the DEA team also plans to release a limited-edition collection of “Employee NFTs” – one of the most important elements of the Menya Dragon Ramen metaverse – in late May on its PlayMining NFT marketplace.

As a play-to-earn NFT gaming platform paired with DeFi primitives, PlayMining allows anyone to join its ecosystem, play different blockchain-powered games, and earn rewards in the process. Launched in 2020, PlayMining is a growing play-to-earn token economy with over 2 million users scattered across more than 100 countries. 

The PlayMining platform consists of three services, each with its own unique functionality. First, there is the PlayMining Games service, which currently has four different play-to-earn games. Then there is the PlayMining NFT marketplace, designed to solve the recurring challenges that developers and users face while transacting across secondary NFT marketplaces. And finally, there is the PlayMining Vault, which features an incentive model that rewards users who contribute to the PlayMining ecosystem with $DEP tokens and NFTs. The Vault also offers staking services, allowing users to generate additional income.

Menya Dragon Ramen marks the newest addition to the PlayMining economic zone. This play-to-earn title combines role-playing elements with a fantasy world full of monsters and beasts spread across dungeons. Developed by game development studio Fly Penguin, Menya Dragon Ramen is an immersive universe that simulates the experience of owning and running a real-life ramen shop. 

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The core objective of the players is to defeat these monsters, collect rare ingredients, and cook the most amazing ramen possible. In exchange, players receive $DEP tokens, which they can use for various activities across the PlayMining ecosystem. These activities include purchasing NFTs on the PlayMining NFT Marketplace, paying transaction fees, and accessing DEA’s wide range of DeFi offerings.

Per Fly Penguin Director Takaaki Ikeda, “We are currently developing this game to create a peculiar world of “Making ramen from the monsters you defeated.” We also plan to add features that let players customize their shops, manage business plans to increase the sales of Ramen, and many more so that players’ ingenuity will be reflected in the game. We hope you will have fun playing our game!”