DAO1 Announces Its Very First International Blockchain Hackathon

DAO1 Announces Its Very First International Blockchain Hackathon

DAO1, an all-inclusive community-led financial blockchain ecosystem project, has finalized the dates for its very first International Blockchain Hackathon. The multi-stage event is scheduled to occur between June 18 – July 2 this year and registration for Stage 1 are open until June 18, 2021, at 23:59 UTC.

This affair will lead to a series of other hackathons to be held by DAO1. Its greatest expectation is to give a chance for persons with innovative projects to showcase them to the wider community.

The DAO1 project is governed by the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Its ecosystem offers some of the best innovative financial products and services. This follows its mission of promoting universal access to expert-provided financial solutions.

The upcoming Hackathon and the DAO1 Incubator Program are among the initiatives designed to promote the development of unprecedented block-chain financial solutions.

 Persons interested in the International Blockchain Hackathon can register for the event on the hackathon website. Thereafter, participants are required to fill an accompanying registration form which includes a brief description of their proposed innovative idea. The applications will then be reviewed by a jury consisting of expert blockchain developers and industry pundits. Shortlisted participants will be announced on or before June 20, 2021, and these entries will be allowed to proceed to Stage 2 (pre-hackathon).


Afterward, selected entries are required to continuously work on their Proof of Concept (Minimum Viable Product – MVP) which should be submitted before Stage 2 kicks off on June 30, 2021. The jury will interact with teams to get a better understanding of their project and what solution(s) it provides. Subsequently, the judges’ panel will provide an evaluation of the final submissions by July 2 and the DAO1 community will then be given a chance to vote on their preferred project. Based on jury evaluation and community voting, winners of the first-ever International Blockchain Hackathon will be announced.

Winners will get rewards from the 25,000 USDT prize pool in addition to a guaranteed position in the forthcoming DAO1 Incubation Program. From the latter, winners will be able to transform their propositions into fully-fledged products.

The Hackathon’s eligibility criteria stated that those wishing to participate should hold at least 1 DAO1 Token, which they can purchase from DEXs like Uniswap, SafeSwap and QuickSwap or CEXs like BarterTrade and Bilaxy. Additionally, entries from existing blockchain projects will be rejected since the initiative is about supporting new and fresh ideas.

The DAO1 socio-economic blockchain infrastructure has various tools which empower the community through financial inclusivity. Such tools include Decentralized Fund (DeF), Startup Funds, Hybrid Advisory, NFT Charity Initiative, and Incubator platform.