DAO.Casino Blockchain Releases TestNet 2.0

DAO.Casino Blockchain Releases TestNet 2.0

DAO.Casino is releasing TestNet 2.0, which comes with a range of new features and improvements on the previous version. Particular highlights include a streamlined governance model, dedicated vote staking mechanism, and effective voter allocation.

Testing of the DAO.Casino Blockchain is now open to anyone wishing to participate, and roles as both Validator and Delegator are open. New users can create accounts, in which they deposit test tokens. These tokens can then be staked against the Blockchain’s resources and to cast votes for Validator nodes.

TestNet 2.0 now also allows users the chance to become a Validator node, which allows them to participate in the block production process. Similarly, becoming a Validator node allows for test token rewards. These new features have been included in preparation for the release of the MainNet so that users can become familiar with the processes and Blockchain concepts.

New Features in TestNet 2.0

The main purpose of TestNet 2.0 was to improve the performance of the blockchain in the previous version, TestNet 1.0, along with expanding functionality. These are the newest updates featured in the release of TestNet 2.0:

  • A new, dedicated staking resource type (vote) specifically for Validator voting.
  • Number of Validator nodes changes ad-hoc based on stake amount (ranging from 21 to 100).
  • The transaction sponsorship feature allows for easy onboarding of new users, as it lets existing users provide the resource reservation needed for transactions. This allows new users to perform initial actions on the blockchain without the token deposits.

Onboarding for new users

DAO.Casino is expecting significant interest in the release of TestNet 2.0, and so is releasing a series of tutorials alongside. These will allow new users to easily get started with the testing process.

Tutorial series for validators

DAO.Casino Blockchain Releases TestNet2.0

Tutorial series for delegators

DAO.Casino Blockchain Releases TestNet2.0

Along with the above tutorials for new users, we recommend the following steps to get the most out of being a DAO.Casino Blockchain user:

  1. Read our blog post to understand more about the company. The post explains our goals and how blockchain is going to be the gambling industry of the future.
  2. Then, join our chat room on Telegram specifically for Validators. This is the best place to ask any questions about being a Validator, and also for discussing the DAO.Casino Blockchain.
  3. If are looking for more information about being a Validator, including benefits, please check our presentation for Validators. The presentation covers all the necessary documents for launching your own node. Fill in the DAO.Casino Validator form.

While these resources are designed to cover the essential information for being a Validator, if you feel you are lacking specific information, please contact us. You can also contact us if you have individual requirements, or would like to leave some feedback. DAO.Casino is available on the following links:

Please be advised that you must own at least 0.2% BET in order to get started on the blockchain. Available markets are found here. However, if you have any issues obtaining tokens, please contact us on Telegram.

We would be delighted to see you amongst our first Validators, who are responsible for the best possible security and performance of the DAO.Casino Blockchain.

To the Future

The release of TestNet 2.0 is designed to get users ready for the Main Launch, including the release of the full DAO.Casino Blockchain. The team is currently working on implementing further features and improvements to the system’s functionality.

More news and further updates from Dao.Casino, the future of gambling will be released throughout the year. An upcoming development will allow users to log in to their accounts and easily manage their resources. Details will be released in the near future, so stay tuned for more information.

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