CryptoSandwiches Makes Its Appearance As The First Fully On-Chain NFT Game Based On BSC

CryptoSandwiches Makes Its Appearance As The First Fully On-Chain NFT Game Based On BSC

CryptoSandwiches, a next-generation NFT game on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) announced today the launch of its version 1.0 scheduled for May 30, 2022.

CryptoSandwiches is the first fully on-chain NFT game backed by BSC among a series of Tasty Galaxy games. The new game is designed in a food-themed metaverse, Foodverse. The game is a masterpiece created for both newbies and experts alike. It combines entertaining gameplay with simple rules to be about a great experience. The initial version of the game is a slim package that has pilled all rules, a blind box drops rates, and algorithms within the BSC chain.

Following the launch, players will be able to play the official version from the CryptoSandwiches homepage while enjoying an impressive P2E gaming experience. The game has Sandwiches heroes which are all NFTs that can be battled and synthesized. Note the materials for getting ready the food shape warrior can be collected from Big Belly Boxes on the planet.

CryptoSandwiches seeks to provide investors and gamers access to platforms that will allow them to build passive wealth without having to give up an arm and a leg which has been the custom when buying virtual land. So far, an early version of the virtual land system called Tablecloth Grids is ready for use. The tablecloth is a battlefield in which players battle against the infected. Note, landowners are paid CHI coins, for every hero synthesized through alchemy. The tablecloth system of the game reportedly boasts highly usable spit ownership. It also provides a handsome income from rent.

Notably, the whole series of Tasty Galaxy games have the potential to grow into a bundle of great IP resources that could appeal to the catering industry.  That said, the full functioning virtual space on the Sandwich planet derived from the tablecloth can grow to become a global online traffic hub which will call for a more efficient underlying infrastructure.


Karllit Foundation, the company behind CryptoSandwiches is simultaneously creating an enterprise-level pub-chain sustaining the Foodverse ecology. Through the pub-chain, the project paints a future web3 infrastructure that can accommodate stores and booths as committing nodes to their future blockchain network. This will be done while allowing tablecloths holders to continue getting benefits from the offline catering ecology.

Currently, CryptoSandwiches is campaigning for its third round of IGO. The funding round will run from May 9 to May 29, 2022.

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