Cryptos With Strong Fundamentals Like Pomerdoge (POMD), AXS, SAND

Cryptos With Strong Fundamentals Like Pomerdoge (POMD), AXS, SAND

Infusing like a pro requires knowing when and where to look within the crypto market. Adept users look for projects with solid fundamentals, such as Axie Infinity (AXS), The Sandbox (SAND) and Pomerdoge (POMD). While several sources regularly highlight tokens that may potentially perform in the market, Google Bard tips remain on top of the list.

It provides effective, up-to-date, and unbiased analysis of each coin, helping users make knowledge-driven decisions and reduce guesswork. Let’s dive into these tips to highlight cryptocurrencies with strong fundamentals.

Axie Infinity (AXS) Shows Signs of a Bull Run Coming

Axie Infinity (AXS) is one of the cryptos projected by Google Bard to surge in the year. It is one of the coins that have shown potential for a rally, with the coin gaining 3% in the last month and 2% in the last 7 days. 

AXS has slightly gained $0.30 in the last few hours and is currently trading at $5.91. However, the 24-hour trading volume is currently down by 10% to stand at $34 million. 

The technical analysis of Axie infinity shows that the coin could enter into a bull run soon. Also, crypto analysts have projected that Axie Infinity will hit the $6 benchmark very soon.


The Sandbox (SAND) Tipped To Rally in the Year

The Sandbox (SAND) is a blockchain-based virtual world that permits users to buy and sell virtual assets in the form of a game. SAND has lost 0.70% of its value in the last 24 hours, with the current coin trading at $0.40.

The 24-hour trading volume is also down by 2% to stand at $70 million at the time of writing. A further look shows that The Sandbox value has depreciated by 3% in the last 30 days.

While The Sandbox doesn’t seem stable at the moment, Google Bard has added it as one of the tokens worth infusing in the year. 

The technical analysis of The Sandbox shows a high chance of a resurgence very soon. Crypto price projection platforms already predicted that SAND would hit $1 before the end of the year.

Pomerdoge (POMD) Top Pick Ahead of Axie Infinity and The Sandbox

Every token has unique problems and use cases it intends to solve, which usually determines how it will perform in the market. For Pomerdoge, its fundamental use case is merging meme coins with virtual gaming.

With a quest to connect players across different backgrounds for an immersive gaming experience, Pomerdoge is making virtual gaming accessible to all. This immersive gaming experience will be accomplished on the Pomerdoge gaming platform called Pomergame.   

Another component of Pomerdoge is Pomerplace, a marketplace that enables players and users to trade, buy or sell in-game assets. The platform will also reward token holders with a percentage stage in the income accrued from the gaming platform. Although this will be subject to how many tokens a holder has with the platform.

To forestall security breaches, Pomerdoge has undergone an audit of its security architecture by SolidProof and Cyberscope. Experts from the crypto space who have seen the potential of this token are predicting that it could skyrocket by 2,000% before the year ends.

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