CryptoNumus, a $500 Million Bitcoin Real Estate Unveiled by Comp Capital Limited

CryptoNumus, a $500 Million Bitcoin Real Estate Unveiled by Comp Capital Limited
Advertisement, the brainchild of Comp Capital Limited was established as an answer to an unending need in the global market for a transparent and impartial cryptocurrency risk transfer and swap platform that will manage real-time Bitcoin and digital real estate swaps. The Cryptocurrency platform revealed that it intends to have a $500 million worth of property, listed on its platform later this year.

Availability of Real Estate Property

Announcing its plan for this year, revealed that the platform will be making more than 500 million real estate properties available in 2019, which be used to swap for Bitcoin and other approved digital assets.

In other to comply with the standard rules and regulations, all Bitcoin to real estate swaps is subject to anti-money laundering disclosures.

More on Comp Capital

Comp Capital is one of the leading insurance consulting services in the world. The Bermuda based company was established in 2002 and since then it’s been offering clients unparalleled insurance advice and top-notch expertise.

The main purpose of the establishment of the firm is due to the dire need for an impartial risk transfer service provider in the market place. Comp Capital Limited has launched a Bitcoin to real estate risk transfer swap platform for the general global real estate market.


Comp Capital is well aware that smart contracts on the blockchain require smart transfer solutions. The company is an early adopter and it is not ready to relent in providing cryptocurrency market with insured risk transfer solutions.

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