Cryptocurrency Derivative Exchange DueDEX Introduces an Industry’s First Trading Tool

Cryptocurrency Derivative Exchange DueDEX Introduces an Industry’s First Trading Tool

Revolutionary Cryptocurrency derivative exchange DueDEX reveals details of its unique trading tool designed to give a statistical market edge over major competitors in the industry.

The cryptocurrency market is proliferated with a lot of irresponsible exchanges who often expose traders to high-risk products, and too often, new traders enter the market with excessive leverage blowing accounts and taking major losses.

In order to cleanse the cryptocurrency industry of quacks and half-baked professionals, DueDEX is introducing a trading tool that helps traders to develop a profitable strategy built on the essential fundamentals of risk managers.

What is DueDEX Risk Manager

The new DueDEX Risk Manager is a tool that’s equipped with the necessary features to help traders overcome the divergent problems often experienced during their trading activities. The new tool gives traders the valuable power to easily manage the risk of their account equities, with major adjustments to Entry, Stop Loss, Position Size/Equity risked with the ‘’One-Click’’ trading executive.

The new tool provides a new dimension to derivatives trading, especially when used on support /resistance, which will make buying and selling to be relatively easy. With Risk Manager, traders can now know exactly how much risk they are getting into, identify alternatives, have a contingency plan and with the technical analysis feature of the tool, ‘visualize’ the trade from the lens of a true professional.


Speaking on the uniqueness of the trading tool, DueDEX CEO Bo Wang, stated that:

‘’This is exactly what the industry needs at this particular point in time, there are more products to help users manage risk. The feedback has been sensational and the exchange results are exceptional. DueDEX traders risk less per trade and have become more profitable since the introduction of the tool.’’

Working Towards a Profitable Strategy

With Risk Manager, users can now trade with a new form of confidence, because the trader will have an idea of what he/she is getting into, identify the risk involved and also have an idea or two on how to maneuver the situation to make a profit.

Although the feedback has been encouraging so far, DueDEX maintained that users experience is everything and it will continue to look for loopholes in the market, identify it and add exciting new features to the tool to create a seamless user experience, where traders can achieve total domination of the market.

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