Cryptocurrency Apollo DEX Exchange Innovates with New Transactional Packages

Cryptocurrency Apollo DEX Exchange Innovates with New Transactional Packages

All in one Cryptocurrency Apollo Blockchain proves its mettle once again, as it enters Beta with 100% private transactions and a whole new DEX.

Major Game Changer

Evolution in the blockchain sector seems a wild goose chase, as major players doubted the possibility of a two-second fully confirmed blockchain transaction, and adaptive forging system with transaction-only block creation until the Apollo Blockchain achieved this feat in a major technological breakthrough.

The Apollo revolution also stretches to the good design cure for blockchain sustainability, unlimited scalability, Atomic swap and other major firsts in the blockchain industry.

Although still relatively young, Apollo has proven over its two years of existence that it is capable of solving the major problems bedeviling the blockchain sector, as it has taken on and surmounted several challenges facing major investors in the industry.

Apollo DEX

Security is one of the major features of the new Apollo Cryptocurrency, and with its whole new features, users can be well assured of the safety of their data. The Apollo Foundation has just moved its DEX featuring an Atomic swap technological solution, which possesses no central governing entity.


This means that the assets in the system are not controllable by anyone except the rightful owner, who thus determines who has access to it or not.

Commenting on the security measures put in place by Apollo to safeguard the platform, the director of business development Steve McCullah stated that:

‘’ Apollo DEX is one of the safest ways on earth to trade cryptocurrency. Unlike nearly all other decentralized exchange platforms that still can freeze assets, take funds and implement KYC, the Apollo DEX has no governing entity.’’

Revolutionary Method

Major platforms in the Blockchain sector mostly rely on outdated methods to combat 21st-century challenges, which is a major bottleneck facing the industry. But the Apollo team has already deployed many of the things that until now were just considered nothing but mere theories.

The DEX is already in the Beta stage, as a team is already in place to test drive their product in a real-life condition.

“The Apollo platform is not just breaking new grounds in the sector, but also setting an unprecedented standard in the industry. The platform’s 2020 vision is to become the next-generation post-blockchain cryptocurrency, by architecting a post-blockchain distributed ledger technology based on the advanced principles of DAG (directed acyclic graph) consensus.’’

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