Crypto Whales Moved Over $300 Million in Recent Bitcoin Rally

Whales Moved Total of $396 Million Worth of Bitcoin in the Past Month

The last few days in the cryptocurrency market has been very noteworthy due to the rise of Bitcoin as it hit $5200+. This rise also affected many other altcoins as quite a number also seemed to improve significantly.

Generally, the entire crypto market experienced an unprecedented spike in its trading volume as it crossed over $80 billion. This occurrence in the sector unsurprisingly made a lot of funds exchange hands among all the major whales in the market.

Specifically, the first five positions regarding all the big moves by crypto whales saw over $300 million being moved. The first spot is occupied by a single XRP trade which was valued at $110 million. The remaining four positions were BTC and they equaled $200 million representing about 41,224 BTC.

Possible Significant Investments

It’s curious to note that of the four BTC trades mentioned above, three of them had Bitcoin sent out of wallets owned by different exchange firms and then moved into anonymous wallets.

This was taken by many as an indication that major stakeholders were making big moves that may have affected the rally. Something else that’s also very curious to note is that all the moves were carried out on April 2, the day of the surge, or after. There weren’t any significant moves that took place before the day of the surge.


One blockchain analyst and expert also confirmed this in a tweet saying:

“Going through some of the largest transactions from the past days, one can find some huge BTC transactions going from exchanges to private wallets.”

Some of the Biggest Whale Transactions

Here are some of the specifics for the recent 5 biggest whale transactions.

  1.      300m XRP ($110.7m) moved from Ripple Escrow (TX)
  2.      10.9k BTC ($51.5m) moved from Binance. (TX)
  3.      10.8k BTC ($51.8m) moved from Binance. (TX)
  4.      9.9k BTC ($50.6m) moved from an unknown wallet. (TX)
  5.      9.5k BTC ($46.9m) moved from Bitfinex. (TX)

All these funds were moved into unknown wallets and up till date, no one knows the owners.