Crypto projects in 2020: Evolution is life

Crypto projects in 2020: Evolution is life

Last year, the cryptocurrency market was full of notable events. The first public mention by the US president, the problems of launching large cryptocurrency projects, the financing shift of ICOs, and much more. The first half of the year 2020 turned out to be difficult for the crypto sphere. Nevertheless, revolutionary IT products keep evolving, diversifying, and showcasing adaptability and flexibility. Bonuses are becoming the new normal for the ever-growing crypto market, so the faster you join the greater your benefits will be.

Every now and then some expert states the crypto market is oversaturated, and no coin is capable of going to the Moon anymore. Well, for their information, in 2019, Litecoin grew by 600%. Can you imagine the profits investors enjoyed? This happened not only thanks to Litecoin’s rebranding, the halving, and the Lightning Network. Last year Litecoin creator Charlie Lee proposed a new method for calculating the cost of crypto transaction fees, which allegedly was to be adopted by the Bitcoin network. This proves that even large crypto projects introduce a change when they feel users need it. 

For instance, Libra developers have modernized their project structure. As new cryptocurrencies appear, they can be directly integrated into Libra, which will reduce credit and custodial risks. The developers believe that this approach will relieve them of regulators’ pressure. Libra users will be able to pay with local stablecoins equivalent to national currencies, and therefore not violate financial legislation. In other words, Libra will be “made up” of several stablecoins to make their users’ life easier.

Even non-coiners join the crypto community (and get rewarded for joining) thanks to companies like Platus. On June 2, 2020, this London-based fintech startup teamed up with the global sports giant Nike to offer its customers a cash remuneration of up to 3% in crypto for every purchase at any Nike online store purchase paid for with Visa Plutus card. The main goal of Platus is to make cryptocurrency as widespread and familiar to the user as dollars and get more people acquainted with crypto. For this reason, the company teamed up with Skyscanner and Airbnb. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the development of the partnership has been suspended.

While we are discussing Airbnb, it’s important to mention the company works with a variety of loyalty programs to attract as many digital money users as possible. The list of service partners includes Lolli, Fold, and Using the Fold application, users can get a 3% cashback in Bitcoins for every reservation made using Airbnb paid for with cryptocurrency. An electronic payment system that allows you to pay for purchases with cryptocurrency called returns its users up to 8% of expenses in the form of tokens. Airbnb, the platform with millions of users in Europe, Asia and America, indulges its audience in crypto bonuses, and so do we.


Following the trend to be flexible and respond to our users’ feedback, Nominex has increased the number of its referral program bonuses. Now there are as many as 8 bonuses, which are 4 bonuses more than before. 

Nominex bounty quests are an opportunity to earn tokens without investing your own funds. Weekly tournaments for traders enable users to win up to $1000 every day without any risks. Tournaments are held using demo accounts and each participant gets $10.000 in USDT daily. Every day five winners receive prizes in real USDT and NMX, depending on the volume of trades that they generate. Nominex also offers a binary referral program with an infinite number of levels as a friendly and safe way to involve people in using cryptocurrency.

We are sure ambitious projects like ours will change society. Alongside with the most prominent developers and crypto enthusiasts, Nominex developers believe millions of people around the world will use cryptocurrencies to pay for goods, services, and money transfers both domestically and abroad. The support of the crypto industry by governments of different countries will aid crypto’s mass adoption in 2020. According to Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, this year more and more parties will enter the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. You too can do it! Try our cool referral programs to earn your first crypto like a pro!

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