Crypto Gazette to Reward 10 Lucky Readers with Ledger Nano X Hardware Wallets this April

Crypto Gazette to Reward 10 Lucky Readers with Ledger Nano X Hardware Wallets this April

In a bid to show appreciation to its loyal readers, Crypto Gazette plans to reward 10 lucky readers with one Ledger Nano X device each by the end of April 2020.

During these bleak times when the COVID-19 pandemic is already crippling world economies, crypto remains king due to its borderless and contactless nature.

The nascent blockchain technology and digital assets have huge potential and they are already revolutionizing the world of finance, though the journey towards mainstream adoption may have only begun.

Bitcoin is seen as a safe haven asset and a flight of safety for capital to flow into in these times of uncertainties, as such Crypto Gazette firmly believes that the best gift to give to its readers is a cold wallet since these wallets are safer and more reliable than hot wallets.

For those who are unaware, cold wallets are physical electronic devices that are used to store cryptos in a way that makes it impossible for hackers to steal.


Ledger Nano X is one of the best hardware wallets currently in existence and it provides users with an unprecedented level of safety and security of their hard-earned funds.

How to Win a Ledger Nano X with Crypto Gazette

To win one of the 10 Ledger Nano X wallets Crypto Gazette is offering this season, you only need to take these three simple steps.

  • Tweet about the Crypto Gazette giveaway on Twitter
  • Follow Crypto Gazette on Twitter
  • Enter your email address

“We are giving away 10 Ledger nano Xs. The winner will be chosen at random via email once it’s confirmed they tweeted, followed and subscribed, most importantly we need your email to notify you if you’ve won or not,” declared Crypto Gazette on its official website.

Some of the excellent benefits of Ledger nano X includes:

Highest level of protection for over 1000 cryptos
State of the art security
Storage for up to 100 apps
Bluetooth that supports smartphone connectivity.

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