Crypto Derivatives Mogul Bitget Reveals Rebranding

Bitget Crypto Derivatives Exchange Recounts 2021 Achievements and Plans for 2022

Few exchanges have managed to remain afloat in 2023, much less achieve stellar results, and Bitget is one such platform that has demonstrated how Web3 integration and growth should be done right. The top crypto derivatives and copy trading platform is making headway with its ongoing rebranding campaign, showcasing how a smart marketing strategy can make all the difference between market leadership and oblivion.

What’s in the Numbers?

20 million registered users is a powerful statement to start talking about Bitget’s market position. That and the $74 million in profits the exchange generated in H1 of 2023 give Bitget all the cards it needs to keep talking about how its new ‘Go Beyond Derivatives’ marketing strategy is working.

Bitget operates in over 60 countries with around 1,300 staff and over 110,000 professional traders are registered on its copy trading platform. That number has risen by 29,700 in H1 of 2023, giving Bitget the leverage it needed to let the TokenInsight 2023 Q2 Exchange Report place it as the top 4th exchange by accumulated trading volume per quarter. Furthermore, the exchange increased its market share by another 1.8% to 8.7% and bolstered the User Protection Fund to $300 million, or up 223% by July.

How It’s Done

“Bitget’s 5-year journey has been a testament to our continuous technological transformation, and I am proud of the platform’s progress since 2018. Today, as we unveil our new brand identity, vision and visuals, we reaffirm our dedication to shaping a smarter digital future. Bitget is committed to collaborating with industry leaders to create a trading environment that is safer, smarter, and more productive, reflecting our shared vision for success.”

Bitegt’s Managing Director, Gracy Chen, outlined the ingredients for the exchange’s success in her statement regarding the ongoing rebranding campaign, adding:


“From its inception, Bitget has championed the slogan “Better trading, better life,” inspiring individuals to embrace cryptocurrencies and unlock their potential for a brighter future. Over the past five years, it has been at the forefront of innovation, prioritizing users’ needs to address complex challenges in trading. Today, Bitget remains a trailblazer, offering user-friendly trading products that set the standard in the crypto industry. With an unwavering commitment to shaping a smarter future, Bitget harnesses the power of technology to empower its users and drive positive change in the industry.”

Combined, these statements illustrate how Bitget is approaching rebranding the platform from just a trading venue to something much more and beyond crypto – Web3 in general. One of the most striking components of the new initiative is the visuals of the mobile and desktop websites, which have undergone a complete redesign that underlines the exchange’s strive to seem more streamlined and user-oriented. By doing away with all unnecessary elements like logo “tails” through a “subtractive” design approach, the team intends to create a leaner and more cohesive overall brand image that aligns with its philosophy.

Speaking of philosophy, the “Trade Smarter” slogan, stemming from “Better trading, better life”, which Gracy Chen mentioned, is a reflection of Bitget’s core values that place the individual’s interests front and center. Bitget is rapidly integrating new AI tools into its instrument lineup to increase trading efficiency and is therefore pioneering the concept of empowering individuals by making their lives easier through the use of advanced technologies.

Moving Forward

Bitget is not intent on limiting its rebranding to visuals and slogans, as it has been advancing crypto adoption worldwide through its native educational initiatives. The partnerships the exchange has signed with such youth role models as Lionel Messi make it clear that the exchange is aiming at fostering a new generation of thought leaders who will be relying on the platform’s support for advancing crypto adoption.