Crypto Betting Strategies & Platforms You Can Use

Crypto Betting Strategies & Platforms You Can Use

As a crypto supporter from the day Bitcoin first made rounds as an alternative digital currency, I often wondered if a time will come when crypto betting will be a real thing. Fast forward to 2021, and I am pleased to say that my dream saw the light of the day! I can now indulge in crypto betting on some of the most popular platforms in the world.

Today, I would like to share my journey with all of you. So get ready to explore the world of crypto betting in fantasy games on a deeper level. Recently, I saw many people express misconceptions about how crypto gaming and fantasy stocks work, so my story may clear the air and help you get started.

How Does Fantasy Sports and Crypto Betting Work

Crypto betting and Fantasy sports gave me the best of both worlds i.e., the fun of playing online games while experiencing the adrenaline of betting on my favorite sports, teams, and players. It was like a dream come true that I could now use the сrypto currency to bet on my favorite teams and players.

From NBA to NFL, MLB to European Football, I could not only swap players and teams but trade crypto and alter the entire lineup as I saw fit.

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Fantasy Mechanics and Crypto Betting

For example, I started dealing with Bitcoin in daily fantasy crypto. I found several fantasy sports websites that guarantee me a chance to win prizes. There are no-limit fantasy sports games offering you to join with low entry fee games and even allow you to try them for free to try your luck while learning how fantasy mechanics work.


3 Strategies to Pick the Right Crypto Betting Platform

Here are three strategies that I learned when picking the right crypto betting platform:


First, you must do some homework to check the credibility of the crypto platform you are considering. There are several ways to do that by learning the following…

  • How long has the crypto betting platform been around?
  • What do existing and previous crypto betting players think about the platform?

The Scale of Support

While most crypto betting sites support main cryptocurrencies (i.e. BTC and Ethereum) you must look out for one that goes a step further and supports a suite of various crypto assets. In case you hold a specific type of crypto, make sure that the platform you want to use supports it.


You have to decide what type of games you wish to play. This will help you determine the kind of platform that supports a good mix of a sports game, fantasy stocks, and other games for crypto betting.

Steps to Start Crypto betting

Here are 4 simple steps for crypto betting:

·        Create an account with a platform

·        Make your cash deposit and use it to bet on crypto. 

. Start playing your preferred games

·        Withdraw your winnings

You can choose from one of the two options for crypto betting. The first is all about sportsbooks that allowed me to make a deposit in crypto. On the other hand, I found traditional fantasy sports crypto sites that allowed me to play by depositing regular money to play with crypto. These include Enjin, StockBattle, and DraftKings, etc.

Not all fantasy stocks websites deal in cryptocurrencies while focusing primarily on major company stocks. The data you receive to bet on comes directly from the legitimate stock markets including NASDAQ.

Therefore, do some research when you shop around for a fantasy stocks’ platform to find out which ones offer you the best option for making a profit on crypto.

Things to Consider 

I learned some important lessons while exploring the world of crypto-betting gaming strategy. Here are a few tips to help you to master the art of fantasy gaming…

Learning the Rules of League/Companies/Crypto

As I planned to start my journey in the world of fantasy gaming or fantasy сrypto, I made sure that I understood the rules of every website and how they manage their scoring unit. While fantasy sports and fantasy crypto are similar in concept, there’s a major difference in the way I earn a profit.

Staying Knowledgeable About Your Sports/Teams/Companies

Whether I was betting on baseball, NFL, basketball, European football, crypto, or company’ stocks, I did my best to stay updated. Having a deep understanding of teams, players, or cryptos and their tendencies helped me make well-informed decisions. This also allowed me to create a crypto portfolio or manage players and teams.

 Make Trades, Swaps and Substitutions Accordingly

I also learned that just like a real-life general manager of a sports team or company, I must always look for better ways to improve my portfolio. I would suggest that you do the same. In case you have a player on your fantasy team or a particular type of crypto in a fantasy crypto portfolio that is struggling to perform, I would recommend that you replace it with an alternative that has a better chance to improve your chances to win some cash.

All you need to do is keep your ear to the ground and find a player or crypto that is having a great run. I did the same and once I was sure about my choice, I picked them up and boosted my crypto portfolio.

Fantasy Platforms Support Crypto Betting

  • 1XBIT

It is a subsidiary of 1xBet and supports crypto betting on a wide variety of casino games. From classic roulette to blackjack, and full-fledged sports betting facilities, there are several options to bet on. This platform supports several digital currencies, including BTC, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Dash.

As I started my journey to look for a viable and complete platform that would allow me to have the best of both worlds (i.e. crypto betting and fantasy gaming) I stumbled upon StockBattle. This platform changed my entire view about how easy it can be to earn a profit on crypto.

As StockBattle is primarily for those with prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies and fantasy mechanics, I was able to learn the ropes quickly. I started by playing smaller games of 15-minutes which is an excellent way to play, just like DraftKings.

StockBattle is a game of skill that does not require gambling. In the end, I got the chance to win a cash reward based on the performance of my stock portfolio. Simply follow the companies that you truly believe in and try various gaming strategies.

Another great thing about StockBattle is that you will be able to indulge in 24/7 crypto betting with no stock market operating time limit. Therefore, wherever in the world I went, I was able to access my portfolio.

  • CloudBet

This one is probably the oldest crypto betting site of the bunch, offering thousands of fantasy sports options including basketball, tennis, football, cricket, and MMA. This platform allows you to bet using major crypto coins including BTC, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Tether.


This is how I got to learn about fantasy gaming and started using my knowledge to earn some profit on crypto. So, if you are an intermediate-level stockbroker, fantasy gamer who would like to earn some profit while having fun playing short online games, try one of the above-mentioned platforms.

I would also recommend that adopting now will definitely give you an early bird advantage. Not too many people are knowledgeable about fantasy gaming, so you can learn and win playing against a player on the same level as you.