Corestarter’s Multichain IDO Launchpad and NFT Marketplace to Launch on Solana

Corestarter’s Multichain IDO Launchpad and NFT Marketplace to Launch on Solana

Blockchain startups require funds to develop their projects and a community of early investors who form the core of their communities. The importance of community to any crypto project can never be over-emphasized. These requirements–funds, and communities–make startups seek out launchpads to build a solid community base and help raise funds to further the project.

Corestarter is one of such platforms and more, as it is an IDO launchpad, NFT marketplace, with staking and governance features, and an NFT game to come. Built to encourage blockchain interoperability, Corestarter gives everyone a fair chance to participate in fundraisers, eliminating the lottery models adopted by other launchpads.

How Corestarter is bringing DAO, DeFi, IDOs, and NFTs together

The Corestarter ecosystem is primarily an IDO and NFT launch pad, built specifically to help blockchain startups and NFT collections launch their products. Projects featured on Corestarter will undergo a rigorous manual vetting procedure to ascertain their authenticity and protect the Corestarter community. The platform also has a Corestarter Vault that insures investors against attacks and loss of funds.

Corestarter has a native token, $CSTR, which doubles as a governance token and is the accepted medium of exchange within the ecosystem. Users can buy NFTs with the $CSTR token, stake $CSTR to receive staking rewards, and participate in governance proposals. Users can enjoy up to 75% in APR yields on their staked $CSTR. Staking $CSTR also allows a user to participate in IDO fundraisers, giving the token even more utility. $CSTR has a total supply of 100,000,000 and is subject to token burns in the future based on the community’s decisions.

The Corestarter community governs the ecosystem, making proposals and plotting the way ahead for future decisions by voting on propositions. By staking a predefined amount of $CSTR tokens, community members become eligible to vote on proposals. Voting power is directly proportional to the number of staked tokens, and higher stakes get higher voting power.


Corestarter also features an NFT marketplace, where users can trade NFTs using the $CSTR token. An NFT game is also in the works, scheduled for release in 2022, and it will feature play-to-earn rewards in $CSTR.

Creating a Levelled Playground for Investors

Most DeFi projects that promise high APYs for yield farmers favor investors with fat pockets with a stake more and earn more policy. Corestarter uses a different approach, as it positions to attract all kinds of investors and rewards member loyalty. Smaller investors enjoy higher staking returns on Corestarter, and the platform focuses on measuring loyalty not by the number of tokens held but by the length of commitment. Long-term stakes, no matter how little, get to enjoy higher yields as they represent loyalty to the Corestarter platform.

Core starter aims to put power in the hands of the community and create a leveled playing field for all kinds of investors. Through the loyalty scheme, both large and small token holders have a fair chance of reaching the top tier since the guaranteed allocations are not awarded based on the number of staked tokens.

Why Corestarter?

Corestarter runs on the high-powered Solana chain, and deployment on other chains like BSC, Matic, and Ethereum is soon to follow. Solana is known for fast transaction speeds and low gas fees, another plus for Corestarter.

The platform offers a fair chance for all investors to participate in IDOs. All wallets that stake $CSTR get guaranteed and FCFS slots in fundraisers. Also, Corestarter offers high staking rewards for users and an extensive token utility bound to add value to the entire ecosystem.