Compared to SUSHI and UNI, Oryen Network Is Bringing Sustainable Yield Without Impermanent Loss

Oryen Autostaking Technic's Amazing 90% APY, Can Maker And Curve Compete?

Yield farming involves lending your tokens in exchange for benefits and is closely tied to impermanent loss. It is not the same as staking because investors must pump funds into the blockchain to authenticate transactions on the blockchain to gain staking rewards.

The number of liquidity providers and tokens defines the liquidity pool’s risk of impermanent loss.

Impermanent Loss

Impermanent loss is where the prices of two volatile assets being held in a liquidity pool vary and change the quantity of each token held as a share of the liquidity itself, causing a reduction in yields or an increase in loss.


Both top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges, Sushiswap and Uniswap, have native tokens: SUSHI for Sushiswap and UNI for Uniswap, also available to purchase on CEXs.

Users who participate in liquidity mining can earn SUSHI tokens as a reward. In addition, owners can take part in payments and vote on the platform’s governance. Traders pay the fees as part of the payment procedure. The proposed platform update will subsequently be put to the vote by Sushi token owners.

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Uniswap launched a governance token called UNI on September 17, 2020. The idea of a governance token enables users to influence the platform’s choices through voting. They will be able to shape the direction of the platform with more authority as a result.

Oryen Network

Choosing single token staking gives the greatest bet against IL; Oryen Network’s Groundbreaking Static 90% APY it is offering consistent income without impermanent loss.

Oryen maintains its constant (static) APY through purchase and sale taxes. Users contribute 8% of their Oryen purchases to the protocol, and they contribute 12% of their sales to the protocol. One of the key ways they reach and maintain the APY is in this manner.

Additionally, Oryen Network enables daily token distribution proportionate to the daily rebase incentives, worth 0.177% of the total number of tokens a $ORY token kept in your wallet through a Positive Rebase formula.

All $ORY holders get the rebase payments once each epoch (rebase period). This means that holders of Oryen tokens will earn 90% yearly compound interest without ever moving their tokens from their wallets.


Oryen is poised to lead a revolution in DeFi with the Oryen Autostaking Technic, or OAT. This revolutionary financial system makes staking easier and provides $ORY token holders with the most outstanding returns in crypto.

Oryen is currently in the presale stage, and there is a benefit for first-time purchasers. Staking is possible on the platform without submitting your tokens to a staking contract. The APY is set at 90% and is supported by a Risk-Free Value wallet that earns assets through trading fees.

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