Collateral Network (COLT) Presale Opportunity Embraced By (EOS) and (FLOW) Holders

Collateral Network (COLT) Presale Set To Explode In 2023, Enjin Coin (ENJ) And Gala (GALA) Prices Left Flat

As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, EOS (EOS) and Flow (FLOW) holders are seizing new opportunities. One such opportunity is the Collateral Network (COLT) presale, with tokens available for purchase at early-stage prices of $0.014.

In this article, we will discuss the factors motivating these to make the leap and explore the potential benefits of participating in the Collateral Network presale.

Collateral Network (COLT)

Picture a groundbreaking digital platform that uses blockchain’s power to reshape how people borrow money, tapping into the value of their real-world belongings.

Collateral Network is this transformative solution breaking down barriers in the asset-backed lending sector worth trillions of dollars a year, allowing individuals to secure loans by pledging physical assets like gold, silver, fine art or expensive wine as guarantees.

Collateral Network converts these assets into digital representations called NFTs, which are fractionalised and enable fractional ownership. This means that multiple lenders can come together to fund a single loan request, expanding the pool of potential lenders and enhancing market liquidity for the borrower.


The platform takes the lending experience to the next level by incorporating smart contracts, which automate the entire process from loan initiation to repayment. This eliminates human error and ensures a safer and more efficient lending environment.

COLT is the platform’s utility token, and holders get access to unique features, such as enhanced loan terms, interest-free lending, expanded loan options and exclusive discounts. By acquiring COLT tokens, users not only share in its price appreciation but also unlock the full potential of the Collateral Network ecosystem.

COLT tokens are available for just $0.014 each during the Collateral Network (COLT) presale. As the price is projected to reach $0.35, early holders can accrue profits before Collateral Network launches on major exchanges such as Uniswap and CoinMarketCap.


EOS (EOS) arrived on the scene in 2018. It quickly became ‘the future of blockchain’ due to the EOS (EOS) delegated proof-of-stake (DPOS) consensus, which ensures fast transaction speeds and scalability.

This new consensus was a game-changer then, leading to EOS (EOS) raising a whopping $4 billion during the ICO. However, the crypto community soon discovered that the EOS (EOS) consensus model is centralized, leaving the network vulnerable to manipulation.

EOS (EOS) has failed to challenge the likes of Ethereum (ETH) and VeChain (VET) in terms of adoption. This led to the price of EOS (EOS) falling from a peak of $22.89 to a price at the time of writing, of $1.04 — a fall of 95% over a 5-year period.

With the price of EOS (EOS) continuing to decline and the long-term potential for growth uncertain, many are turning to new projects that offer greater rewards. The Collateral Network presale presents one such opportunity.

Flow (FLOW)

Flow (FLOW), founded by tech giant Dapper Labs in 2020, is a developer-friendly blockchain that enables developers to create decentralized applications (dApps) for gaming and entertainment.

Flow (FLOW) started on the right foot, raising a staggering $725 million from some of the biggest venture capital firms to help fund its development. However, Flow (FLOW) has been unable to gain enough traction to compete with Ethereum (ETH), leading to the price of Flow (FLOW) declining from a high of $46.17 to a price of $0.91 at the time of writing — a fall of 98% over the past two years.

Analysts foresee the Flow (FLOW) price continuing to range between $0.65 and $1.40 until the Flow team can build a strong user base to drive demand. As such, Flow holders, who are now sitting on losses, are now turning to the Collateral Network presale for more rewarding opportunities.

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