“Coldest” Crypto Hardware Wallet Provider NGRAVE Completes $6M Seed Round Fundraise

“Coldest” Crypto Hardware Wallet Provider NGRAVE Completes $6M Seed Round Fundraise

Belgian-based crypto hardware wallet provider, NGRAVE has concluded a seed round fundraise of $6 million. Touted as the “coldest” wallet developer, the platform saw immense support from renowned DeFi and Web3 investors. These include Woodstock Fund, Morningstar Ventures, DFG Group, Spark Digital Capital, Moonrock Capital, and Mapleblock Capital. Other investors included several private crypto C-level angel investors in addition to leading crypto influencers.

When it comes to crypto storage solutions, NGRAVE ZERO is revolutionizing the space through superior security mechanisms coupled with top user experience. The wallet is the most secure in existence globally since it utilizes the EAL7 security certification. This places its safety above that of banks and other crypto custody solutions, such as the prominent Ledger (EAL5+) and Trezor which lacks certification.

Moreover, the wallet boasts of being a 3-tier solution consisting of ZERO, GRAPHENE, and LIQUID. ZERO is the touch-screen hardware wallet where users get to securely store their crypto assets offline. GRAPHENE is a recoverable stainless steel encrypted backup solution, made in extreme conditions to ensure users never lose their private keys. Lastly, LIQUID is a user-oriented mobile app that connects users to the blockchain real-time without revealing their private keys. With unrivaled security features that do not compromise user experience, it is no surprise that NGRAVE won the AIBC Summit 2021 crypto wallet of the year award.

Since its establishment in 2018, NGRAVE has developed multiple partnerships with world-leading nano and chip tech providers, alongside cryptography and hardware security entities. Among its advisors include blockchain pioneer and cryptography professor Jean-Jacques Quisquater.

Back in 2020, NGRAVE launched the successful pre-order campaign seen on IndieGogo and Kickstarter. The company brought in $450,000 from a total of 1,225 backers, all of who have already received their wallets.


The latest funding will now support the project’s team expansion and increase in global coverage following global demand. Setting up branches all over the world will help cement its global brand and presence, in addition to allowing multiple experimentations geared towards its vision of a full-scale ecosystem.

Currently, NGRAVE wallets are sold out owing to the high demand for wallets across 90 countries. However, interested buyers can still secure a spot in future products by signing up on the waitlist. 

This year, NGRAVE plans to conduct another outstanding fundraiser to further support its innovative efforts.

NGRAVE CEO and Co-founder Ruben Merre gave the following statement:

“Having experienced crypto hacks ourselves, we made it our mission to provide the crypto community the security comfort it deserves. That’s why we innovated to the extreme on both security and user experience. This seed round represents the kickstart for our exponential growth stage and with the backing of several strategic investors, we are confident that 2022 will be a breakthrough year for NGRAVE.”

Himanshu Yadav, Founding Partner at Woodstock Fund, added:

“When you bring the world’s best entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, and business experts together to solve a crucial problem in the digital assets space, you create the most secure product for millions of users and thousands of enterprises. That is what NGRAVE is all about and why it is a no-brainer investment for us.”