CoinSwap Launches Mining On October 20

CoinSwap Launches Mining On October 20

CoinSwap, the world’s first decentralized cloud trading protocol, has today launched mining. No initial coin offering or initial DEX offering for users to acquire COINS token. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, CoinSwap sets itself apart from other decentralized exchanges in the market due to extremely low transaction fees combined with sound tokenomics.

“ much like other DEXs provide the obvious AMM but they’ve set themselves apart by becoming the first Decentralized Cloud [DeCloud] Trading Protocol,” the firm noted in a press release.

Other notable features that are available on CoinSwap that distance it from other decentralized exchanges include but are not limited to deductible fees, node NFT, personalized customization, DAO governance, and referral rewards.

As the first decentralized exchange with supernode NFT, users get to experience the best Defi services in one place. Moreover, the platform offers advanced trading tools with professional settings.

“Users can experience trading on a DEX for the first time and will benefit from the k-line functionality and the ability to see the depth of the market in real-time”.


CoinSwap also offers its users a chance to pay trading fees in coins. With the new mining functionality, CoinSwap enters another level in the market that has not been unlocked by other decentralized exchanges.

Scalability is a major issue with most developers and decentralized financial ecosystems, especially those built on the Ethereum ecosystem. However, CoinSwap developers went for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that offers not only a scalable network but also charges affordable transaction fees.

Moreover, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is widely adopted and is backed by the leading crypto exchange by daily traded volume in the world, Binance. 

Notably, COINS has a long-term value that is pegged on the CoinSwap future growth prospects. Among them is the lending capabilities that are likely to be launched by the platform. Additionally, COINS will enable holders to participate in the platform’s activities including IFO and NFTs.




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