CODI Seeks More Efficiency As It Prepares For IEO And Other Developments

CODI Seeks More Efficiency As It Prepares For IEO And Other Developments

In a bid to become a fully decentralized ecosystem, CODI finance, a “game-changing” DeFi ecosystem is deploying necessary developments to boost its efficiency.

The platform adopts a governance protocol that allows members of the community to vote on new features and any integration that will be beneficial to the community. Hence, it is seeking to provide its users with creative decentralized financial products. The team behind the platform noted that creating a governance structure where users can run and manage the platform is part of the primary objective of the platform.

It is the aim of the platform to be able to empower new DeFi projects in a way that they can raise funds from passionate investors in the community.

CODI Finance revealed it’s working on building a strong IDO launchpad on the Solana Blockchain. This will perform as a tool to enhance its speed and scalability features.

“New DeFi projects can scale and attract users who share their vision and goals by leveraging CODI’s use of the scalable Solana blockchain,” the platform noted.


The platform disclosed its preparation for an IEO for its token, $CODI, and an IDO pre-sale pool demo. It further revealed that the pre-sale of its token is currently ongoing, an event that has gained huge traction for the system. The token pre-sale saw the attention of many enthusiasts drawn towards the platform before it was completed on October 31st.

Although the platform did not reveal the exact date the token IEO would commence, it stated that the event will begin in November after the completion of the token pre-sale.

CODI Finance is reportedly making necessary efforts and engaging necessary resources to push the Ecosystem towards achieving its vision.

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